Beyonce and Manti Te'O...Say It Isn't So!

Why the NFL shouldn't want either of them

Just when you think it could not possibly get any crazier...

Manti Te'O goes on with one of our favorite shows, Katie, to do something, just what I'm not sure. Let me see if i get this straight.

His girlfriend that died but didn't really exist was actually a buddy of his using a funny voice pretending to be a female? And Manti at some point knew that? 

Maybe I'm a prude but this is not the kind of thing I would ever reveal about myself on national tv, but that's just me.  There is little doubt in my opinion that Mr. Te'O has cost himself millions of dollars with this...umm...hoax, and several NFL teams have now expressed some hesitancy about drafting him in the first round.  Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese volunteered that even he is taking a "wait and see" attitude before declaring any interest by Big Blue.

And then...Beyonce' lip syncs the national anthem? At the Presidental Inauguration? You have got to be kidding me.

Did she think she'd forget the words? I am sorry but if you are given the honor of presenting our national anthem at such a prestigious time...SING!

If you can't perfrom live then I doubt that I will ever chance my hard earned money to see you fake us out in concert, yanno? 

Back in the day I used to watch Destiny's Child where Beyonce' broke into prominence.  It took me a while to realize that they were singing, but I didnt mind, if you know what I mean.  I propose a solution to protect our national songs from the Beyonces, Roseann Barrs, and Carl Lewises of the world, when the songs need to be heard please select either Whitney Houston's Super Bowl National Anthem or Ray Charles'  America from the World Series. I have yet to hear any version come close to either of those. But that's just me.

Welcome back hockey the billionaires and millionaires have settled their strike and the Knicks are back at full speed as Ray Felton returns this week in Philly.

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