Equine Esteem: Tween Empowerment Group Beginning in March

Information About the Group
Information About the Group  Download PDF 

Pony Power is delighted to launch a four-week empowerment group for girls ages 11-13 run by our licensed clinical social worker. The program is an exciting opportunity for middle school girls to engage in non-riding activities with horses that address important life skills for handling stress, bullying, and/or the transitions experienced at this stage of development. The goal is to help young girls realize their strengths and abilities.

Executive Director Dana Spett is confident that this group will address the challenges so many “tweens” face: “Many girls in middle school struggle with bullying and self-esteem issues.  This group will offer an opportunity for young girls to develop new social skills and cultivate feelings of self-worth so that they can walk away feeling empowered to face everyday challenges.”

The program will run for four evenings in March and April. If you have any questions about this initiative or our broader Stable Insights Program, please email Bonnie Malajian or call her at at 201-934-1001. You may also visit http://ponypowernj.org/programs/equine-assisted-learning/ to find out more about our Stable Insights program. 


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