NJ Electronic Voting Machines "Suspect"

ACCURACY of New Jersey Electronic Voting Machines declared "SUSPECT" by New Jersey Appellate Court.

Majority of Candidates take action in U.S. Senate Race.

When you walk in the voting booth, tomorrow, or in November, you do want YOUR vote to go to the candidate YOU VOTED FOR, don't you? Well, guess what? That may not be the case.

In a heretofore unprecedented action, no less than FIVE of the Candidates in the New Jersey Special Senate Election, which has not even been held yet, have raised a challenge in the United States Senate, after the courts in New Jersey failed to remedy acknowledged illegal actions by election officials in the Balloting process, from construction of the ballots to the accuracy of the electronic voting machines, themselves, effectively disenfranchising the majority of legal voters in New Jersey.

Led by Democratic-Republican Candidate and Constitutional Scholar Eugene Martin LaVergne, who attended Seton Hall Law School with NJ Governor Chris Christie, the candidates have exposed a tainted process in selection for ballot placement, intentional disregard for Federal and State Election Laws, and even lying in court on the part of some of the election officials, including members of the staff of the New Jersey Attorney General's Office.

This action further reveals to the courts and the public the rampant partisan practices** that normally take place behind closed doors in the selection for ballot position in each county, a process meant to be public.

This action permits the Senate Rules Committee to delay seating ANY winner in tomorrow's election contest until a full investigation as to the propriety, Constitutionality, and legality of this election is completed - including a lock-down of the ballot machines, which have already been proven to be able to be programmed to "re-assign" votes cast for one candidate to another candidate - all accomplished with a few lines of code. The New Jersey State Elections Statutes (19:28-1) requires that the machines be impounded (not touched) for a minimum of 15 days following their use in an election. If a challenge is raised, the lock-down period becomes indefinite.

New Jersey Election Officials, with NO NOTICE to the general public, or even all of the candidates on the ballot, will begin to erase the programming and individual internal records on the machines beginning only 12 HOURS after the election, contrary to the clear MANDATORY directive of the New Jersey State Legislature. In short, they intend to destroy the only evidence of votes actually cast.

It was sworn by Election officials to the New Jersey Supreme Court that it would only take 48 hours to ready all 7000-plus electronic voting machines for the General Election in November, during a June 18th 2013, proceeding before the Court.

**Pay particularly close attention to Page 40 onward, to see how ridiculous the process in selecting ballot placement is handled.





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