Mahwah Author Publishes Second Sci-Fi Thriller Novel

AJ Colucci will launch the book with a signing at the Barnes & Noble in Paramus later this month.


As a follow-up her critically-acclaimed debut novel The Colony that was published in 2012, Mahwah author AJ Colucci is returning to science fiction for her second book, being released nationwide this month.

According to a release on the new book, Seeders will be on sale on July 15, and is now available for preorder everywhere. 

The release explains the plot of the new novel as: On a remote Canadian island, George Brookes, a brilliant but reclusive plant biologist, may have achieved the most monumental breakthrough in science: communication between plants and humans. After his mysterious death, five heirs arrive for the reading of his will, but within days, the island begins to have strange and violent effects on the group and they realize George may have unleashed a sinister force far more deadly than any human.

“I like to write about nature because it can be a brutal place—kill or be killed. But it's also filled with a sort of beauty and logic that makes you wonder which species are truly evolved,” Colucci said in the release.

“Humans have a tendency to separate themselves from everything non-human. We consider ourselves above nature, not part of it. I think it's important to recognize what we have in common and gain a better understanding of all living creatures that share this planet.”

Big fans will have the chance to meet the author at an upcoming Bergen County launch of the book.

Colucci will be signing copies of Seeders and giving a short presentation at the Barnes & Noble on Route 17 in Paramus on Tuesday, July 15 from 7 to 8 p.m. Books purchased at the store will be signed and all visitors will have a chance to meet the author. There will be a short discussion, contests and giveaways.

Colucci, a former newspaper reporter and magazine editor, has lived in Mahwah for 22 years with her husband and two daughters.


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