'Mahwah' Used in NJ Lotto Scratch-Off Ticket

Mahwah mayor says he scratched off the letters on the Crossword Instant Win game not expecting to see the township's name pop up underneath his quarter.

When Mahwah Mayor Bill Laforet received an NJ Lotto scratch-off card from a friend, he said he wasn’t expecting to win much money. He also wasn’t expecting to see the name of the township on the card.

“At first, I didn’t even notice it,” Laforet told Patch this week. “But then, it popped out at me and I couldn’t believe it.”

On the Crossword Instant Win game, people are asked to scratch off certain letters that they have in a bank to reveal words laid out in a crossword puzzle. The more words completely scratched off, the more the person wins.

“I didn’t win any money, but it looks like Mahwah has won some recognition.”

Laforet said the ticket was purchased at the Quik Mart in the township, which state lottery officials say was a coincidence.

“The games are not distributed in any manner other than random throughout the state,” a spokesperson said, adding that the ‘Mahwah’ card ended up at a Mahwah store by chance.

The spokesperson said she did not have any information on why or how the township was chosen as one of the words on the scratch-off card, but Laforet said he has a theory as to why.

“I am not surprised at all that [the Lotto] chose Mahwah,” he said. “It’s the best town in New Jersey!”


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