Residents Experience 19th Century Life [PHOTOS]

Civil War reenactors explain why they love living in the past

A “good number of residents” gathered at the Saturday to experience what life was like for soldiers during the Civil War, exhibit curator Tom O’Brien said. As part of its exhibit, the museum hosted four members of the 15th New York Cavalry who put on an encampment.

Captain Ken Colomba, Corporals Randy Andrese and Kevin Colomba and Private John Milteer set up camp outside the museum for four hours, while residents were invited to ask questions and listen to stories from the reenactors about what life was really like for Civil War soldiers in between battles.

"I saw an ad in Wild West Magazine looking for reenactors. I did one, and I was hooked," Milteer said. "I was always interested in history. Doing this, you get to live it, not just read about it."

Milteer said reenactors go through a training process before joining the cavalry. "I think we become a good resource for people. They learn things here that they wouldn't otherwise." Milteer said visitors of all ages attended Saturday's encampment. "They all really seemed to enjoy it."

Inside the museum, residents could look over the exhibit in honor of the Civil War's 150th anniversary. The exhibit, which highlights Civil War soldiers who are buried in Mahwah, and maps where they are buried, runs through June.


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