MRCC Supports Bill To Make Health Insurance More Affordable For Small Business Owners

Chamber asks locals to join letter-writing campaign

The has joined a movement to push for the passage of a legislative bill that would allow for small business owners to purchase group health insurance through Chambers of Commerce, according to a release sent out by the MRCC last week.

The bill, S-2874, which was introduced and referred to the Senate Commerce Committee May 12, says that small business of 50 employees or less “have traditionally been at an economic disadvantage with respect to the purchase and provision of health benefits for their employees and themselves because certain administrative and premium rate savings that are available to larger employers are not available to them by virtue of their size.”

The bill, which is sponsored by Senator Gerald Cardinale of District 39, aims at allowing smaller businesses the economic benefits of purchasing health insurance through professional groupings, like Chambers.

According to a release on the topic sent out by the MRCC, Cardinale said “in these tough economic times, it’s critical that government work with business to make health care more affordable.” 

Dr. Annette Freund, former President of the MRCC, began the push for reform to the current law locally over a year ago, according to the release.

This month, the Chamber is asking locals to take part in a letter-writing campaign to support the bill.

“We need to explain to our legislators and the governor that a vote for this bill is a vote for small business,” said Freund, “especially the startups, the sole proprietors, and the entrepreneurs with only one employee. Saving money on group health insurance could free up capital for hiring new employees, support the economic recovery, and encourage over half a million individual proprietorships to stay in New Jersey.” 

Locals can get more information about the campaign at the Chamber’s website, or by calling 201-529-5566. 


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