New Hand Car Wash May Open in Empty Franklin Turnpike Building

The business, which needs an approval from the township before it can revamp the empty building, would also include a car detailing center.

40 Franklin Tpke may become a new car wash. Credit: Jessica Mazzola.
40 Franklin Tpke may become a new car wash. Credit: Jessica Mazzola.

Franklin Turnpike may see a new hand car wash in Mahwah, but the business’s potential owners need to first return to the township planning board to prove that the flow of cars, and the flow of water, in and out of the lot would work.

Owners of the business, ABH, LLC, were at the township’s last planning board meeting seeking a tenant application approval. The duo said this would be their first car wash, but, they have worked in the auto industry for decades and described their vision of how this business would work.

The building currently at 40 Franklin Turnpike would be revamped, and include car wash with a big waiting room. An estimated 40 cars per day would circle through the property, which would have no drive-thru or electric equipment. All of the washing would be done by a crew, and only some of the drying would be done using machinery.

The business would also contain a car detailing center and auto repair shop.

Board members had several questions for the applicants, and requested they return to the next meeting with the answers.

First, the board asked for a concrete plan as to what the flow of traffic into and out of that station would be. The board expressed concerns that with cars parked for the detail center, and cars waiting to get washed, there might be spill over onto the roadway. 

The board also asked for a better concept presentation of how exactly the space would be configured and how the business would run. It also asked to see proof of a water-oil separation mechanism required at car washes, a plan for the water-flow at the building, and a check on any other environmental requirements it must meet.

The board is next scheduled to meet next Monday, August 12.

Ray Ray November 01, 2013 at 07:15 PM
How much longer will the town let this property go vacant. it's an eyesore. Great job BOARD members... NOT! It's All about politics...


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