Saturday Night Show Will Mix Original Music With Crowd Favorites

Local musician to perform at Moe's

Stop by Saturday night at 6 p.m. to see a local musician who wants to make his dream of being involved in the music industry a reality.

“The show is just going to be one voice and one guitar, kind of like an acoustic set up,” said Dumont’s Ryan Flannery.

“I try to perform as much as I possibly can, so I was so excited when this opportunity came up at Moe’s,” the Bergen Community student, who is transferring to Ramapo College next semester, said.

Flannery says he is pursuing a career performing music, and looking to make a demo tape.

“I want to end up as close to the stage as possible. I am majoring in businesses, so that if performing doesn’t work out, I can be involved in management or another aspect of the industry,” he said.

“But I love it and this is what I want to do.”

Flannery said families can expect an about one-hour-long show that mixes original music with cover versions of popular songs. He said the show will not be overpowering, but rather a nice compliment to a night eating out with either family or friends.

“I think people will come in for a bite to eat, and then hopefully hear a song that they know or that they like, and stay to hear more,” he said.

Flannery, who described his musical influences as including the bands Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, and Three Days Grace, said his style is “rock, but not typical rock.”

Click the videos above to hear a sample of Saturday night’s show.


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