'Jews Around The World' Stopping In Mahwah

Event this Sunday an important part of worship, Rabbi says

The Life Long Learning Committee at Mahwah’s is sponsoring an event at the synagogue this Sunday to help spread the theme of appreciating families and family history.

‘Jews Around The World’ will host Jewish speaker who will share their experiences growing up in environments far different than our own. One congregation member will share experiences growing up in Persia and Iran. The Committee called this “the real Shushan,” and said it will give locals the chance to learn about living in the place where Hebrew scripture originated.

Another speaker at the event will speak about living in Moscow while it was under Soviet rule. “Jewish life under Soviet rule was a far cry from the choices we have available to us every day,” the committee explained in a flier promoting the event.

International foods will be served at ‘Jews Around the World,’ and attendees will be encouraged to share stories about where their families are from, and how the Jewish experience is there.

According to Rabbi Joel Mosbacher, the appreciation of international spiritual experiences is important for all worshipers to have.

“The Jewish community in Mahwah, in America generally, is made up of Jews who come from all over the world,” he explained. “It's so important that we learn about the histories and heritages of Jews around the world so that we can understand where the Jewish community came from, and what influences its faith, culture, laws, and traditions.”

Jews Around the World will be held at the Temple this Sunday, January 29, from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m.


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