Study: Mahwah Residents Stingier Than Average In County, State

A new Journal of Philanthropy study ranks towns across the US in terms of how much money residents donate to charity

When it comes to charitable donations, Mahwah residents are a little less likely to give, according to the results of a new study and interactive map published by the Journal of Philanthropy Monday.

The report, called “How America Gives,” ranked towns across the United States in order of how likely their residents were to donate money. The Chronicle collected tax return data on the percentage of income residents in every town that donated to nonprofits or churches after taxes, housing, and other costs, a release about the study explained. It also monitored how much was donated.

Out of 28,724 towns accross the country, Mahwah ranked 19,285 in terms of percentage of salary donated to charity.

Over a one-year period, each Mahwah resident made an average $2,259 worth of donations, for a total of $20.6M donated. Reporting an average income of $65,225, the study found that Mahwah residents, on average, donated about 3.5% of their salaries.

That percentage is lower than that statewide average of 3.7%, the Bergen County average of 4.6% and the nationwide average of 4.7%.

Overall, Utah was found to have the most generous residents, donating on average 10.6% of their incomes to charity. New Hampshire was named the “stingiest,” with an average of only 2.5%.

Check out the “How America Gives” interactive map here, which allows users to cue up specific data for states, metro areas, counties, towns and zip codes across the country.


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Craig Kunisch August 21, 2012 at 12:49 PM
I can state with confidence and first hand knowledge that the people of Mahwah are some of the most generous, caring and giving people around. Anytime the Mahwah Bar & Grill runs a fundraiser for any number of charities the people of this town open their hearts and their wallets. These types of donations don't affect a tax return but they greatly effect those in need!!!
Leaking Ink August 21, 2012 at 01:14 PM
People give in many different ways: time, money, prayers. I saw what the people of Mahwah did during the flood to help their fellow neighbors. I saw what the Mahwah people did in donating shoes for Haiti and coats and toys for those less fortunate. Money isn't everything. The prayers, the caring, and the time and effort put in mean just as much as a financial donation.
CaraGia August 21, 2012 at 01:16 PM
From experience I know Mahwah residents to be very generous with time, resources and money. Data collection of this type doesn't begin to tell the whole story. Mahwah is a very economically diverse town and as such has many residents who cannot afford to be charitable with money, but who are more than generous with time most especially, but also various resources. Those things are not truly quantifiable.
Starfall August 21, 2012 at 08:04 PM
For once the people of Mahwah can agree on something. :)


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