Four-Year-Old Uses Determination To Overcome Obstacles

Whiz Kid battles challenges from premature birth

According to her proud parents John and Debi, their daughter Erin Rianna Flanagan is a Whiz Kid who has been overcoming obstacles her entire life.

The four-year-old was born prematurely, and as a result faced physical, developmental, and social challenges. 

“Since 18 months of age she started receiving therapeutic services through the State: speech, occupational, developmental and physical,” her parents explained.

Moving from Mahwah, where the couple lived for years, Erin was classified as “pre-school disabled” in the Little Ferry Public School District.

“One and a half years later, I'm thrilled to say our daughter has caught up in all areas of development, social and physical and is now testing at an average level,” Debi said.

Erin’s parents said it’s the girl’s determination that has allowed her to make such strides.

“Throughout the past three years, our daughter went through every therapy session without as much of an argument, gave it her all and did so most of the time with a smile and happy demeanor.”

Katie Kiernan May 26, 2011 at 01:44 AM
I am proud to say I am one of those therapists that worked with Erin. She truly is a Whiz Kid whose intelligence and determination will take her very far. She has a great personality as well and parents that did a wonderful job finding her the support she needed to grow and shine. This is just the beginning of her accomplishments! Erin's Friend Miss Katie


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