Letter to the Editor: Supporting John Roth

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Dear Editor,

I am writing to voice my support to re-elect John Roth to the Mahwah Town Council. 

John Roth has served us very well during the past 8 years, and we will continue to need his experience, dedication and management skills as we face important and complex issues in our community during these difficult economic times.

This is a very important election year in Mahwah because we will be electing a new Mayor, and 3 candidates for the Town Council.  As a result, we will need the stability of John’s experience, dedication and fairness on our Council, more than ever, in order to preserve the quality of life and the Town services that we have enjoyed in Mahwah.

John has seriously been involved in Mahwah for almost 20 years.  He has served on the Board of Education, the Mahwah Planning Board, and has chaired several important committees. Over the past 8 years, John has served as Vice President and President of the Town Council, and we will continue to need his experience and leadership skills going forward.

John is a man who really appreciates Mahwah and the people who live here.  I have known John for many years, and I really respect his energy, enthusiasm, integrity and fair judgment as a member of our Town Council.  He is someone who we can depend on to make the difficult and intelligent decisions for our town as they arise.

I believe that Town Council candidate choices this year need to be based upon a proven track record of town accomplishments, and a history of doing what is best for Mahwah.

I think that Mahwah is a great town and I hope to keep it that way.  Therefore, my support goes to the candidate who is the most capable of doing and maintaining that for us… John Roth.


Richard Grinchunas 



Send letters to the editor to jessica.mazzola@patch.com.


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