Letters To The Editor: Too Many Election Signs

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With a town council and mayoral election coming up on Tuesday, Mahwah's town council recently addressed the ordinance governing political campaign signs. The new rules may further limit the size, number, and placement of political signs. The council to rework the sign ordinance after Tuesday's election. During this campaign season, Patch has received several letters with resident opinions on campaign signs. Here is one of those letters:

To the Editor:

Does Scotts make any spray for campaign signs?   

It's now worse than dandelions!   

I have an idea for the next time. Why not limit each candidate to an equal, but a much lower amount of signs than we currently endure?

Taxpayers could observe which candidate places their placards to get their best bang for their buck, rather than seeing a load dumped "here," and another "there," unfazed of the waste. It might make candidates realize that's what the victors should also later be doing with taxpayer dollars, plus it'd give voters insight as to their best choices.


Mike Kupckik

Mahwah Resident

This is another letter Patch received on the same topic:

To The Editor:

Mahwah has a very interesting and controversial election coming this week, and I understand the extensive advertising and communications being done by each of the candidates. However, I feel that they all have gone too far with the street signs. The town is littered with political signs placed on every main street and corner. It almost appears that the candidates feel that whoever can get the most signs out wins! What they have actually done is destroy the beauty of this town and turned it into an eyesore. McArthur Boulevard and other main streets are a disgrace. If I dropped a candy wrapper on the street, I be accused of littering and be fined, yet the candidates feel it is okay to trash our streets with hundreds of meaningless, cheap signs. I don't understand why there isn't a law against this type of abuse to the pleasant landscape in our town. I certainly hope that they disappear as quickly as they went out.

Tom O'Brien

Mahwah Museum Trustee

So, Patch is asking, what do you think of the campaign signs around town?

Bob Lockwood November 08, 2011 at 01:34 AM
Can we hit the pause button for a moment? What is worse; annoying signs during campaign season or pruning our right to free speech. Honestly, I can't stand half the stuff I hear on televsion and radio and what I see in the newspapers, magazines and the internet. But, I'd rather put up with the noise than give away our free right to express ourselves. I think that it would a be huge concern to place limits on our right to free speech. So before you give your rights away, let's pause and ask ourselves; what's worse? what's better? what do you think?
Nick November 08, 2011 at 03:10 AM
Bob - free speech is fine, but does a candidate need 48 signs on a short stretch of road when 3 or 4 will do? It's an eyesore and a waste of money and resources.
Bob Lockwood November 08, 2011 at 03:36 AM
In whose mind "will it do"? At whose expense? Who get's to decide what is good enough? Shall we take the rights away from the individual and give them to the larger community? Is this what our country was founded on?
Mari Meli November 08, 2011 at 06:04 AM
Bob, I'm sorry. Free speech is one thing. But there is a limit to how much free speech you can enjoy without infringing on your neighbors rights to peaceful enjoyment. you cant yell fire in a movie house.. We have ordinances in effect so that we can all enjoy the beauty of our town without infringing on others. So, just like you cant pile your yard with garbage and call it art, neither should these guys do so with signs. All towns have an aesthetics ordinance for a reason. Now, why we seem to throw that logic out during an election month, is beyond me.
EGM November 09, 2011 at 11:26 AM
For those of you that think these signs are paid for with tax dollars, you are sadly misinformed. It is paid for by the candidate out of pocket and by donations of supporters. Unfortunately, these signs are a necessity for a candidate to get their name out so people can look in to them. You're concerns have been noted and the majority of the signs have been taken down. Chuck Jandris, I know for a fact, had his signs being removed around 6 or 7pm on the 8th.


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