Readers' Choice: Child Care Centers In Mahwah

Vote on your favorite. Winner will be crowned Friday.

As part of Patch’s new “Readers’ Choice” feature, you can vote on your favorite local business in Mahwah in a category presented each week.

While we came up with an initial list, we encourage you to post any businesses we missed that fit the “Favorite Child Care Center” category in the comments below.

Voting closes at 9 a.m. Friday. Ties will be broken by whichever business has the most positive comments below, and reviews on Patch Places. We will announce the winner at noon Friday.

The child care centers to vote on include:

Though some of these also function as nursery schools, they were included because all offer child care services. Be sure to vote for the place you like the best, and tell us why it’s your favorite in the comments.

Editors Note: Because this poll is not scientific, it is not the sole consideration in choosing a winner. The winner will be determined by the Patch editor, based on poll results and reviews on Patch Places. Please vote only once per survey, per Patch.

Erin Galligan Anderson March 06, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Rainbow Academy is the best I have nothing but good things to say about them. My son has been attending since he was six months old and he has always received great care and i couldn't be happier knowing he is so well taken care of. I recommend them highly
stacy March 06, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Holy Cross has my vote. I could not have been happier with the experience my kids have had there. They love it and always look forward to going!! The teachers are wonderful!!
Steven Patzkowski March 06, 2012 at 06:33 PM
My vote is for Pinnacle Learning Center! I originally had my daughter at Rainbow but when they took ownership things changed drasticlly and my duaghter was not happy there after that. PLC owners as well as staff are great, they are there when you need them and they accomidate basically to any times/hours you need. All the kids love it there it seems to me. I know when my daughter leave to got to kindergaren, she as well as I will miss everyone there.
jeanne March 07, 2012 at 02:08 AM
After moving back into the area I checked them all out 8 years ago and we went with Holy Cross, couldnt say enough about the great little school. When it was time to send my son, I didnt even look around I knew where to go, Its nice the celebrate holidays and have prayer time. Its perfect for socilization, which at that age is what they need. Hats off to Holy Cross!
Josh Pierce March 07, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Both my daughters went to Pinnacle & loved it there.The teachers are great & seem to be very in tune with the kids.My youngest is in her last year there & I will really miss them.They have been like family for us the last 6 years & it will be very sad not going there next year.
NJ Mom March 07, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Kindercare not only provides excellent childcare, but they are nationally accredited under the guidelines of the NAEYC. My children have all left there fully socialized and ready academically as compared to all of the other children in their kindergarten classes. This is a great place.
Nick March 07, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Agreed on Kindercare. My daughter had a great experience there from when she was very young through their full-day kindergarten program.
andreafitz March 07, 2012 at 05:48 PM
My daughter started there 2 months ago and I can not be happier. KINDERCARE has my vote!!!!!!!
Christopher Zeig March 07, 2012 at 07:15 PM
My son who is now two and a half has been attending Rainbow Academy since last August. I couldn't be happier with the care he receives. The directors, teachers and assistants are all very attentive and caring. The staff really helped with his transition from another day care (outside of Mahwah). The ability to see my son on the video feed throughout the day is a great feature that provides great piece of mind. It is quite evident from all that he has learned there that he is being taught and not just watched throughout the day.
Kristen Frank March 07, 2012 at 07:23 PM
The creativity in this school is top notch! They are always think of fun innovative ideas to take learning to the next level. Kim and Brian do a fantastic job of showing true leadership in this school!
Jessica Mazzola (Editor) March 07, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Kristen -- Which school are you commenting about? Thanks!
Kristen Frank March 07, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Dawn Zeig March 08, 2012 at 02:24 AM
I agree with my husband, Christopher, regarding Rainbow Academy. The staff is nurturing, the atmosphere is welcoming and above all, the facility is kept spotlessly clean. I feel that my son is getting a top-notch education at Rainbow and wouldn't hesitate in recommending this daycare to anyone.
Jennifer March 08, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Pinnacle Learning Center is by far the BEST pre-school in the area! They treat the children like they were their own. Not only are they preparing the children for Kindergarten, they are teaching them respect and manners. My daughter is learning so much in such a fun way. Put this way it's struggle most days to get my daughter to leave because she loves it so much. They work with any schedule you have and anything that comes up last minute. I would recommend Pinnacle Learning Center to anyone.
Elena March 08, 2012 at 06:50 PM
CLC of Wyckoff is excellent!!!
Mary March 08, 2012 at 07:23 PM
My son, Joseph, has gone to Children's Learning Center (CLC) on Leighton Place since he has been eight weeks old and his is now 3 1/2. He loves school and the teachers are caring, loving and excellent. I would recommend CLC to anyone who is looking for child care. They are truly an extension of our family and a great support to a hectic work schedule.
Alex March 08, 2012 at 07:25 PM
The Children's Learning Center of Wyckoff has been a god-send. My siblings and I have sent all our kids there since they started in the nursery. Can't say a bad thing about the place, in fact, there are so many great things! They really provide a complete "educational" experience as well as gentle touch as the kids developed. They honestly tried to reinforce behaviors from the home, and my kids started out in public school more mature, better mannered, and better prepared than other kids. CLC had a lot to do with this, and they really have made child-raising possible for me and my husband as without it we would have to be a one-paycheck family!
Nick March 08, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Wow. More than 700 responses. Does each kid get a vote? LOL.
Carrie Render March 08, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Holy Cross Lutheran Nursery School is an exceptional preschool and daycare. My daughter went there for 2 1/2 years and she just loved it. In fact, when she went to Public Kindergarten in the morning and Kindergarten Enrichment at Holy Cross in the afternoons 3 days a week, she would wake up in the morning and ask if she was going to get to go to her "real" school (Holy Cross) today. What loving and educated staff they have there. They truly made a difference for my daughter as we had just moved to the area from California.
Arlene March 08, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Holy Cross is #1 in my book!
Lindsey March 08, 2012 at 09:57 PM
The Children's Learning Center of Wyckoff at Fardale is truly Bergen County's best kept secret! I am an elementary school teacher and must admit that I have the highest expectations when it comes to child care. I know first-hand that a good daycare can make all the difference when it comes to a child's academic progress. I searched high and low, and feel so blessed to have found CLC. My son is in the infant nursery, and they treat him like he is part of their family. They shower him with tickles, laughter, and lots of love. I look forward to reading the daily report of his progress and the day's happenings. Peek-a-boo, bubbles, playing in the ball pit, singing songs, story time, painting, and afternoon "strolls" outside are just a few of my son's favorite activities. When I pick him up each day, he has a smile ear-to-ear on his face. Being a working mom and leaving your baby every day is not easy. However, the reassurance I get at CLC makes me feel like I am leaving him with family, and that feeling is invaluable.
MOMX3 March 09, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Holy Cross!! I have 3 small children and am in my 5th year at this wonderful school. They taught my children respect, manners and how to be a good friend. An awesome extention to what are important family values that are sometimes overlooked by bigger schools. I will be sad when it's time for us to move on, but knowing that my children have been given such a strong foundation is priceless! Thank you : )
Marianne Clancy March 09, 2012 at 02:46 AM
The staff at Holy Cross are upbeat, exceptionally nurturing and committed to the children and their families. My daughter loves pre-school here, as well as her dance classes, Mandarin Chinese classes, and the various activities such as yoga, music and guest speakers. We look forward to many more fun and educational moments at this wonderful school!
Laura March 09, 2012 at 04:15 AM
My son has attended Children's Learning Center for 3 years. It is a wonderful, loving, nuturing environment where fun and play are balanced with education and learning. I recommend CLC to everyone I know looking for day care and/or preschool/kindergarten. This warm, caring school is second to none.
Jen March 09, 2012 at 01:53 PM
CLC gets our vote. We have had our son in multiple daycares since he was 6 weeks old. CLC is by far the best. He has been here since he was 2, and is now in their kindergarten class. Our 2 year old and 5 month old baby are also there. The kids get to know every teacher in the school and feel very loved. They have music, swimming and science classes from a very young age and love very minute. The owner and manager know every family and have very open communication with daily emails and weekly newsletters. I wouldn't want my kids anywhere else!
Tammi March 09, 2012 at 02:34 PM
Both my children went to CLC (Children's Learning Center) and had wonderful experiences! So much so, I kept them both there for full-day kindergarten and it proved to be an excellent foundation for 1st grade.
Jon B March 09, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Holy Cross is awesome! I was fortunate to attend HC years ago and my mom was the director for several years. It's great to see this day care and nursery school continue to make an impact in the local community. Whether you are Lutheran or not, this is an inviting place where your child will thrive. Keep up the good work, Holy Cross! Thank you. Jon B
getswabbed March 09, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Oh how I wish Holy Cross offered kindergarten! My son has been attending for the past 2 years and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! He's learned and grown so much.. he is nurtured and well taken care of. I love love love HolyCross!
Miriam March 15, 2012 at 06:22 PM
CLC is the best place yesterday and today. We have two kids that have been attending since they were 3 months old and later on CLC's after-school program. We are currently on our last year with CLC, as our kids are out-growing the program but we will CLC and Staff. CLC provides the care and loving environment that every healthy and happy child needs to grow and to learn. CLC's kindergarten program is also great for those who need a full day school. No regrets & highly recommended! Miriam
Sue Enderlin May 12, 2012 at 04:57 PM
My son George loves the Rainbow Academy and goes there every summer. They have a great summer camp for kids up until the age of 10. Kim and Brian are the best!


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