Why You Should Decorate This Weekend

Looking to Mahwah homes for design inspiration

This is a fun and festive holiday where creativity can be on display for all to enjoy. Many of us can revert back to our childhoods and let the fun begin in decorating. Take ordinary household items and turn them into something special. Halloween does not need to be an expensive endeavor. Pumpkins, gourds, and cornstalks only need a little help to make them look festive.

When decorating for this holiday, whether inside or out, spider webs are the key to success. I place them everywhere. Fall leaves and branches can be placed on tables and in vases. I even used a tree limb that fell during the storm and used it as a prop.  This is a time to enjoy the art of “whimsical.”

I noticed this year that many area homes have skipped over outdoor Halloween decorating and that saddens me because the children really look forward to the time of year. I am sure the economy has played a role in this, but remember you can get creative for very little expense.  Look around and see what you have at home first, before a trip to the store.  Lighting alone can play a big part in helping create something eerie; there are bulbs sold in all colors, so just add a orange or red bulb to a lamp. Flicker chandelier bulbs also look great.

Use this weekend to have fun decorating with your family.

This weekly Patch column, which looks at different homes in Mahwah for design inspiration, is written by Gina Avino, a Mahwah resident, interior designer and decorative painter, and Linda Wetterau, a Mahwah resident, floral designer and event planner, of Gina Avino Artistic Designs in Ramsey.

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