Court Rules Town Doesn't Have to Pay for Police to Get Dressed

According to a report, a court ruled against a group of Teaneck cops who were suing the township for overtime accrued while changing into and out of uniforms.

A federal appeals court this week ruled against a group of Teaneck police officers claiming they were owed overtime payments for, among other things, changing into and out of their uniforms, nj.com reported.

According to the report, an appeals court Thursday held up a federal court decision that denied 88 current and former township officers their claim that Teaneck did not pay them overtime for “muster time,” or roll calls 10 minutes before shifts and “donning and doffing” uniforms 10 minutes after shifts, the report said.

The appeals court found that muster time was a part of the police officers’ negotiated salary, and that they should not be paid extra for the time it takes to change into and out of their uniforms, the report said.

Mike June 13, 2014 at 12:28 PM
@ you know, Every salaried employee in the private sector. Ask around, it may not be as regular as daily but it's safe to say it's more time than what your talking about. Early morning conference calls, lunch time meetings, travel and we still get dressed in the morning.
shimon baum June 13, 2014 at 02:24 PM
A sensible ruling I'm shocked.
you know June 13, 2014 at 03:00 PM
I believe police officers are non-exempt employees that are eligible for overtime. The salaried employees you mention Mike are most likely exempt employees like me and I assume you.
Jacob June 17, 2014 at 04:34 PM
Legal costs to pursue this nonsense were paid for by the Teaneck taxpayers - over $500,000. What an embarassment.
zizi June 19, 2014 at 02:26 AM
Only in Teaneck....... we see this abuse......


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