Ex-Ambulance Corps Volunteers Sue Mahwah

Members of the former Company 1 Ambulance Corps are suing the township over its actions during the switch to a new volunteer ambulance service last summer, report says.

A group of former Mahwah Company 1 ambulance volunteers have sued the township over its switch to a new volunteer ambulance agency last year, NorthJersey.com reported Thursday.

According to the report, the suits allege the township violated the Open Public Meetings Act and failed to provide the volunteers with a 30-day notification for lease termination.

Thirteen members of Company 1 say they were not part of discussions the township had with members of Mahwah Emergency Medical Services, which took over as the town’s official ambulance service last July, the report said. Before that, Companies 1 and 4 had split ambulance corps duties in the township.

Company 1 members also say they were forced out of their Franklin Turnpike headquarters on just hours notice, the report said.

Former Company 1 members also said they have not been able to successfully apply to volunteer with the new ambulance agency, the report said.

Township officials told NorthJersey.com that they are working with Mahwah EMS in an effort to “remove some of the obstacles” the thirteen members have been facing when trying to apply to be a part of the new organization.

In July, Mahwah EMS members said the new group was formed in an effort to create unity amongst the previously split up ambulance corps, and in an effort to improve response times. It is made up of other former members of Companies 1 and 4.

After Mahwah EMS was formed, it accused the 13 people of stripping the Franklin Turnpike HQ and the former Company 1 ambulances of all furniture and supplies before they were officially turned over to Mahwah EMS.

mahwahwian March 03, 2014 at 07:12 PM
I 'm working on a movie called "Out of the Ambulance"
Ted March 03, 2014 at 07:34 PM
Mona, You are the pot calling the kettle black. You put down just about everyone who disagrees with you but don't have the courage to use your real name. Talk about being chicken droppings...
Joe Mauro March 04, 2014 at 05:21 PM
@TheresTheDoor: I will not disclose names or even initials of people who have not been able to join MEMS without their consent. That would not be the right thing to do. To your comment “As for what the mayor said at the council meeting where MEMS would accept the MARS and MAC #4 former members... this was and is an accurate statement. They are welcome. But they can't expect to join an organization with a declaration of a lawsuit behind them”. I believe the lawsuit you are referring to in your post is against the township of Mahwah, and has nothing to do with the new MEMS organization. That being said and cleared up, there should be no issue with accepting these former members into the new MEMS organization. Your comment “Has anyone mentioned the fact that your vile crew was offered a settlement to the lawsuit with membership fastracked into MEMS?” Again, there is no lawsuit against MEMS, so how would the proposal MEMS submitted settle the lawsuit? The lawsuit is against the Township of Mahwah, and not against MEMS. I have not seen or read the proposal that you claim was submitted, so I will not comment on rumor or hearsay. But if you would like to disclose the terms of that proposal here please do so all that read the patch can see and read for themselves how benevolent MEMS has been to the blackballed MARS Co. #1 members. I for one would be very interested to read the proposal. Also, why were any of the applications denied previously if MEMS has now submitted a proposal to fast track their membership? Why has MEMS now changed course regarding these ostracized members? Again, your comment “How is holding the medical supplies in storage, paying for that storage with the donated funds from the community, holding those same funds hostage as leverage in some twisted dispute, and NOT volunteering their time HELPING the cumminity at all?” The President and officers of the corporation (including trustees) have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets of the corporation. I will argue that the officers of the MARS Co #1 have done just that. They have taken the physical assets (furniture, happy trophies from 1973, teacups, etc) and put them in a secure storage area protected from the elements and vandalism. The financial assets are not being spent frivolously (i.e. funding parties or trips to the Poconos or elsewhere) until this issue is settled. There was and is no criminal activity involved as you stated “Your wife and her friends stole community property and community money Lastly, I take personal offense to your comment directed at me “You're just not smart enough or are mentally unable to see what everyone else sees”. You are proving my point discussed with Andy Schmidt that there may be a lack of high moral standards when trusting MEMS. Joe Mauro
Andy Schmidt March 05, 2014 at 10:32 AM
Joe, you make valid points about who the defendant is in the current suit. However, to the point of having "a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets of the corporation", that is just a poor excuse for acting out of mal intent and spite. They absolutely have the ability to act in accordance to the MISSION of MARS. There simply is nothing that prevents a non-profit corporation (which essentially is just a matter of taxation anyhow!) from making charitable donations! In this case, the ONLY right course of action was to donate consumable/supplies, etc. to either the township, or Mahwah EMS - especially when those would be used by mostly the same personnel who were also MARS members! On the other hand, the financial assets, due to it being such a large figure, certainly justify that the trustees would have taken time to obtain professional advise, before deciding about how it can be disbursed/distributed in accordance with state laws and its own by-laws, to avoid them incurring any personal liabilities.
mahwah0905 March 06, 2014 at 08:26 AM
all this back and forth is such a disgrace on both sides . obviously some of the people who are commenting here are activing riding member and members of the "13" . you should all be ashamed of yourself. When you graduated from EMT school you took an oath to be a public servent , to help others in need to the best of your ability, and to present yourself to the highest standard. have you all lost focus on the big picture WHY you became EMT's? I can understand why the "13" are not let back in, this selfish act shows their true character and i would not want them to reprsent anything most first responders stand for . find in yourself why you wanted to serve the people. For years your rode honorably and cared about the community. Find that in yourself again, give the money and equiptment back to the people who need it (THE SICK AND INJURED), send in your applications like EVERYONE did joining MEMS and get Riding again. saving a life is much more important then bickering like middle school kids!


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