Bottle Rockets Spark Dumpster Blaze

The fire broke out Monday afternoon in a parking lot on the campus of Lincoln Tech.

A dumpster fire that broke out Wednesday afternoon in a steel, 30-yard dumpster located in a parking lot outside Lincoln Tech was likely started by bottlerockets thrown in the oversized trash bin, authorities said.

The dumpster was full of refuse and its contents were engulfed in flames when firefighters from Company 2 arrived on scene shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, according to Mahwah Fire Chief Ed Garza. The large dumpster was stationed in the back corner of the parking lot across the street from the school building, he said.

Bottle rockets were responsible for starting the fire, according to Police Chief Jim Batelli.

“Officer Michael Blondin, who is our arson investigator, determined that the fire was started by shooting fireworks, namely bottle rockets, from the parking lot into the dumpster,” Batelli said Wednesday afternoon.

As of 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, police were interviewing one suspect and looking for a second, Batelli said. Cops anticipated signing complaints against the two suspects Wednesday afternoon.

The fire was contained to the contents of the dumpster, and after it is cleaned out by a waste management company, Garza said the dumpster should still be usable.

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Mahwah Resident April 17, 2013 at 09:18 PM
As a LTI graduate I can say, there are two kinds of people who attend LTI. Those who are serious about their future in their chosen career field, who act with professionalism, and those who do very little in class and then end up doing stupid things like this. Honestly, I think the profs and admins at LTI are a bit too lenient and should really make an example out of the guys who did this.


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