Group Sues Bergen County, Claims Unfair Monitoring Bracelet Fee

Residents were jailed for missing child support payments, and according to a report owe the county $10 a day after they are released.

A growing group of Bergen County residents is suing the county to change a policy it says is unfair to residents in financial trouble who need to pay child support.

According to a my9.com report, residents jailed in Bergen County for missing child support or alimony payments can be released in order to land jobs that will help them make the payments. However, the county charges them $10 a day for work release or wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet, the report said.

Ari Shocket of Hackensack, who was in and out of jail after missing his $2,000 a week child support payments, told Chasing NJ he didn’t think the $10 charge was fair. He recently filed suit saying the fee is a detriment to the reason for the release, and a violation of a law allowing the government to take 65% of wages to help pay support, the report said.

Since announcing the suit, several other plaintiffs against the county have signed on, and Shocket is hoping it will turn into a class action suit, the report said.

Sally G April 21, 2014 at 08:37 PM
Wait a minute! First, I did not think debtors’ prisons were constitutional. Second, would this not come out of the 65% of wages? And is it not better to rack up the $10 a day charge and be able to work than to languish in jail? What is going on here?
icar12 April 21, 2014 at 10:15 PM
LOL, he's upset with the government taking 65% of his income. I guess that no one realizes that the government/IRS/taxes take at least 65% of the income from "law-abiding" citizens as well.
Dennis Martinez April 22, 2014 at 07:17 AM
According to the article the guy is paying $2000 a week or 65% of his income in child support. $104,000 to the ex-spouse a year in child support. Child support is based upon gross income and is not tax deductible. This is a sum far in excess of what the average Joe pays and a good reason not to father kids in NJ. It sounds to me that the law is making so called law abiding citizens criminals.
Jenne April 23, 2014 at 01:05 PM
While it's pretty clear that if Ari can be adjudged $8000/month in child support payments, he ain't hurting for $300/month in monitoring fees... but for someone who really is down on their luck this would be perpetual debtor prison, as they would build up more debt faster than they could pay it off without a very good job.


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