Mahwah PBA Serves Up Turkey Day Donation

The PBA gives a big check to the Center for Food Action every year

The Mahwah Policemen’s Benevolent Association, Local 143 recently donated of $1,500 to the Center for Food Action in Mahwah in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday.  

We are aware that there are more people in need of assistance this year than usual, due to the economic conditions. It is our hope that our donation will assist those in need, so that more people will have something to give thanks for during this holiday season.

Pictured are members of Mahwah PBA Local 143 delivering a check to Mr. William James of the Center for Food Action on Friday November 16. Mr. William James from the Center for Food Action accepted the donation on their behalf.


The above was submitted by the Mahwah PBA.


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