Residents Urged to Watch Hazardous Weather and Flood Conditions

NJ Office of Emergency Management asks residents to remain vigilant

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management is urging residents to monitor weather conditions over the next several days.   A slow-moving, low pressure system is expected to generate large amounts of rainfall in some areas, particularly in the northern part of the state.   

The heaviest rainfall is expected Tuesday evening into Wednesday.   Flooding could continue in some areas through Friday.

“Be alert and be prepared for adverse conditions,” said State Police Superintendent Colonel Rick Fuentes, Director of the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.  “Heavy rain can cause flash flooding.  If you are asked to evacuate or take other protective actions, follow the advice of emergency officials.”

To stay informed of potential flood threats, or to keep track of current weather forecasts and alerts, stay tuned to media outlets and use these online resources and social media tools:


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