Teen Boy Hit By Tree Limb, Transported To Hackensack

Boy lost consciousness temporarily, but regained it, police said

A teenage boy was knocked unconscious by a falling tree limb in his parents’ back yard Sunday in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, Police Chief James Batelli said.

The teen was transported to the trauma center of the Hackensack University Medical Center, where Batelli said his condition will be assessed, and his injuries treated.

“The boy regained consciousness at the scene, but he did sustain some injuries,” Batelli said.

“We believe he will be ok, but his condition does need to be assessed.”

This injury was “by far the most serious we have seen” in the township as a result of Hurricane Irene, Batelli said, as of 6 p.m. Sunday.

Batelli said the major complaint being fielded by police now is for downed trees and limbs, both in yards and on houses.

At least five township homes are being investigated to quantify the damage fallen trees have caused, he said.


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