Anti-Mall Group Releases 'Mahwah At A Crossroads' Video

Video urges residents to attend town meetings on shopping development

Memebers of the Committee to Stop Mahwah Mall, a resident group that has been fighting the at the intersection of Routes 17 and 287, released a video Monday asking residents 'what makes Mahwah beautiful?'

The video contains several minutes of footage from around the township, followed by scenes of the shopping center's to the . At its close, the video's creators, CSMM members David Howard and Michael Dalessio, ask viewers to become more informed about the development. Dalessio urges viewers to "ask questions before forming an opinion," about the development.

The video was released hours before the second installment of a in front of the township's planning board was set to begin Monday night. At each session of the hearing, residents are given 15 minutes to comment, and 30 minutes to question the developer's witnesses who appear in front of the board.

In previous interviews, Jim Jaworski, attorney for the Crossroads developer, has said he and his team will work to “answer any questions the public may have about the project," which is designed to include two box stores, a movie theater, recreational space, and an area with small shops. He did say at the last public hearing that he believes the plan for the development is "completely in accordance" with .

JP March 08, 2012 at 03:25 AM
So what I'm trying to make clear to you is that just because a project needed zoning changes does not automatically necessitate the need for a public referendum. The changes are no different or more elaborate then zoning changes we have issued in the past for other companies. The difference with this one is solely the emotional baggage that people seem to have with this project and I don't get it, because this development will make that site much better then it is now traffic or no traffic, and create jobs for people..
Gottardo DiGiacopo March 09, 2012 at 01:30 AM
*In this moment of quiet i'd like to offer a response that would have otherwise been lost in the last two days. Andy Schmidt repeatedly had the word "corruption" attributed to him, and repeatedly he had to deny using it. it was unfair to assign Andy my word. *CORRUPTION is "an impairment of integrity, virtue or moral principle." Corruption does not have to include criminality... they are two differnt things. words often have precise meanings, and sometimes we can make mistakes, and as often meanings are projected onto our words that were not intended. * Hank used the word "OMERTA" to describe a part of his brand of manliness. Omerta has a lovely sound but it's ugly, as is americas romanticized infatuation with bad-boys, ie the mafia. i thought that hank probably meant some kind of chivalrous loyalty, so i let that word slide (even though it is a corrupt, and often criminal, mentality). when you have money, Omerta is the Corleones, the Ghottis, and the Madoffs. if you have no money, then Omerta is called Gang Mentality. recap: Corruption is not Criminality. Omerta is not Moral-Loyalty. we all can, do, and will continue to, make mistakes. Andy never said corruption; i did and meant it the way i described. Hank said Omerta but i speculate he meant something better (unless he tells me otherwise).
Hank March 09, 2012 at 03:44 AM
Sorry I cannot answer you during the moment of quiet
Mahwah Resident March 12, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Hank and JP you really need to get out from under whatever rock you've been isolating yourselves under. You two are pretty ridiculous. I'll be at the meeting tonight, if you care as much as you say you do, you'll be there too. Gottardo: Thanks for your kind and encouraging words a few posts up!
JP March 13, 2012 at 09:45 PM
Ridiculous isn't half of what I can be said about Stop Mall, David. It's beyond reality.


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