William Laforet, Candidate for Mayor of Mahwah

Laforet is seeking reelection

General Information

Name : Mr. William "Bill" Laforet
Also known as : Bill
Date of birth : 24 December 1951
Place of residence : Mahwah

Political Information

Party affiliation : Independent
Running for a: Local office
Running for position: Mayor Township of Mahwah
Incumbent: Yes
First elected: 08 November 2011
Previous elective offices : none
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices : none

Party HQ

Address 69 Armour Road
New Jersey

Campaign Manager

Name : Lou Rizzo
Title : Campaign Manager


Website : www.teamlaforet.com
Twitter : www.twitter.com/teamlaforet
Facebook : facebook.com/teamlaforet
Youtube : youtube.com/teamlaforet

Other facts

I am a businessman, not a politician and in an overwhelming majority the taxpayers said no more to 26% tax rate increases. We rolled up our sleeves and delivered on our promise, 1.75% tax rate increase the lowest in 11 years. Then we reviewed our debt and achieved the highest Bond rating Mahwah has ever received from Standard & Poor's a AAA bon rating, this allowed us to save $500,000 on the term of our debt. We opened Town Hall to residents in the first ever "Citizen's Blue Ribbon Panel," giving this community a complete access to our government. This takes leadership and a person who is willing to make tough decisions, that is why you sent me here. Not to be Mayor, but finally someone to do the job of being Mayor. We did all of this in just 11 months, more than other Mayors have done in 11 years. There are tough choices to be made and based on the achievements of 11 months we think you will agree, there is more work to be done. Please re-elect Bill Laforet Mayor of Mahwah You can learn more at www.teamlaforet.com


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