How Would Candidates Increase Communication With Residents?

Those running for office answer question at recent event

At a recent "Meet the Candidates" Night, the residents running for mayor of Mahwah and for one of the seven seats on the town council answered the following question: "At a recent candidate event, the issue of communication between the township’s government and its people came up. If elected, how would you plan to increase communication between Mahwah’s government and its people?"

See their answers in the attached videos.

Just The Truth Billy November 06, 2011 at 04:39 AM
The 1st thing you can do is to tell the truth to the people. I just received an e-mail staing that Mr. Laforet joined the Republican Club in May of 2011. He did not tell them though that he was a registered Democrat and has been one since 1992 and voted in June 2011 primary not less than a month after him joining the Republican Club. Now I ask you why would a man who is running for Mayor of Mahwah tell everyone he is a Republican when he really is a Democrat. Just The truth Billy just the truth. The truth will set you free. Nothing wrong with being a Democrat unless you are telling everyone that your a Republican. Wonder how the Democrats in this town will feel about this. Oh that is right you have been telling them too that your a Democrat. Next thing he will tell you is that he is qualified to lead this town. Why Billy what are your new ideas?


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