Crossroads Shrinks Size of Proposed Movie Theater

The movie theater proposed to be a part of the Crossroads Town Center development would have one parking space for every five movie theater seats

A movie theater that would be at the top of the pedestrian-friendly area of the ‘Crossroads Town Center’ shopping development proposed for the land surrounding the Sheraton Mahwah Hotel just got a bit smaller.

According to a developer presentation Monday night at an , the theater, which was previously proposed to have 3,000 seats, will now have 2,035. Though representatives of the Crossroads Developer said the exact number of screens built would be up to the independent theater vendor that would operate the facility, that many seats would typically make up an 8-12 screen theater.

The change was in response to board concerns about parking near the theater, which, in the proposal, is located near smaller retail shops in an area designed to be pedestrian-friendly. The other side of the development would contain two big box stores.

In its previous submission, the developer proposed 407 parking spaces, or about one spot for every 12 seats in the theater – the minimum required by a township ordinance allowing for the Crossroads Town Center development to be built. Reducing the number of seats in the theater would knock that ratio down to one parking space for every five seats in the theater.

The planning board has been debating the number of parking spaces and layout of the pedestrian-friendly side of the development for about a year during the ongoing public hearing. 

The tweaked internal traffic plan presented by civil engineer Michael Junghans Monday included several changes to the design of the interior of the site - including turning the current traffic circle into a two-way road, with a turning lane in the middle, and adding a sidewalk running around the entire loop, which would connect the smaller retail side of the development with the big box side.

Monday night, board members brought up additional concerns about the flow of people driving and walking through the center, saying that the proposed plan did not include enough pedestrian connections between parking areas and stores, restaurants, and the theater.

“I don’t think we can have too many crosswalks or sidewalks,” Planning Board Chair Todd Sherer said. “We can’t overdue safety."

Crossroads representatives said they would make additional changes to the design, add in more pedestrian-friendly elements, and return to the board with a future presentation.

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Just me from Mawhah February 28, 2013 at 02:29 PM
well said Hank... it's the commuters (not shoppers)
JoeRobertson March 01, 2013 at 01:16 PM
You know... that's a good question, Stan. It makes you wonder. For example, how did Stryker ever get approved to move into the town? Did you know that it dumps lung-cancer producing chromium in the air? http://toxic-release.findthedata.org/q/450936/1046/Does-Stryker-Orthopaedics-in-Mahwah-New-Jersey-release-toxic-waste And.. they are they have the highest toxic release inventory of any NJ EPA Regulated site. Check this out... http://epa-sites.findthedata.org/app-question/d/a/New-Jersey/Mahwah/3537/What-Mahwah-New-Jersey-EPA-Regulated-Site-has-the-highest-toxic-release-inventory Thanks for the "clean industry"... and... I can't wait to "thank" our council for the upcoming traffic gridlock
JoeRobertson March 01, 2013 at 01:24 PM
Gee Hank, I work in Closter. Please tell me which bus will take me there from Mahwah. I would love to take mass transportation, but not everybody works in New York City.
Frank March 03, 2013 at 05:19 PM
who knows?! maybe it will be more pleasant going south to paramus and ridgewood for movies and such, as we do now anyway...after throngs people switch to the mahwah mall instead! BTW I suspect most patrons will be coming from ny state in any event, right over the border with a lower sale tax, no?
Greg Haner April 25, 2013 at 01:37 AM
If you were a household member of one of the hundreds of Mahwah families who MUST use the Rt. 17 exit that will also become the primary entry/exit for the new mall... to get to and from their homes off of Stag Hill Road, then maybe you wouldn't find it strange to complain about having access to where you live "blended" with new traffic lights and all of the new vehicle traffic for a 600,000 square foot mall. We are Mahwah residents too. I wonder how you'd feel about the multiple year building phase if you were forced to drive through it every time you left your house?


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