DPW Continuing Brush Removal In Fardale Monday

Streets completed over the weekend

According to Director Keith Hallissey, this weekend Mahwah's Department of Public Works crews finished cleaning the following roadways of brush from the October snowstorm.

Lehman St. complete

Appert Terr. complete

Leona Terr. complete

Greenway complete

Murray Ave. complete

Van Brookhaven Ct. complete

Knichel Rd. complete

Van Mullen St. complete

Meester St. complete

Halstead Way. complete

Dodge Ct. complete

 Maleszewski Ct. complete

Sargent Ct. complete

Shrewsbury Ct complete

Cedar Hill Ave. complete

Christie Ave. complete

Whispering Pines complete

Franklin St complete

Highland Pl. complete

Jefferson St. complete

Fairmount Ave. complete

Greene St. complete

High St. complete

Strong St. complete

Brook Ct. complete

Forest Hill Rd complete

Sylvan Ct. complete

Chestnut St. complete

Woodbury Ln. complete

Merril Dr. complete

Herlihy Dr. complete

Chapel Rd. (returning)

Deerfield Terr complete

Fawn Hill Rd. complete

Madison Ave. complete

Monroe Dr. complete

Byrne Dr. complete

Hallissey said the DPW is returning to the Fardale section of Mahwah Monday to continue cleaning brush.

T-Bird 148 December 05, 2011 at 10:43 PM
I find it interesting that so many dead end streets have been cleared yet Chapel Road which is a through street, and a busy one at that, is not. I do understand this process is time consuming, but I question how streets were prioritized.
brenda December 07, 2011 at 04:02 AM
Dodge court was started but most of the branches have NOT yet been picked up. They picked up a few in the whole area about 6 streets and the left. The leaves make driving on DODGE COURT not just difficult but dangerous as there is no place to turn arround. People now park in the MIDDLE of the street, next to the piles. Trucks ride over the piles and drag branches and leaves into the center of the street. If this street is marked as done it isn't.


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