FDU: President's Approval Rating is Up in NJ

Women approve of Obama more than men.

The president is feeling the love in New Jersey with a 51% approval rating, according to latest PublicMind poll. Women in the state are among President Barack Obama’s biggest supporters, according to the poll.

Read the full release here, and take our poll to tell us what you think of Obama.

The president’s approval is up in New Jersey, and the “wrong direction” number is down. According the latest poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind™, 51% of New Jersey voters say they approve of the way the president is handling his job, while 42% percent disapprove, a significant improvement from the president’s lukewarm 46%-45% approval in January.  Men, in fact, are more likely to disapprove of the president (49%) than to approve (43%), but women approve of the president by a margin of 24 points (58%-34%).

“National Republicans are a turnoff to many women voters recently,” said Peter Woolley, director of the poll. “Rick Santorum and Rush Limbaugh have combined to alarm, if not completely alienate, pro-choice women.”

In trial heats, Obama handily beats each of the still-standing Republican candidates for president.  Against Mitt Romney he coasts 50%-37%. Against Ron Paul he wins 52%-34%.  Against Santorum, Obama’s margin widens to 54%-33%, and against Newt Gingrich to 56%-29%.

In every case, the president’s wide margin is accounted for in women’s votes. Women give the president margins from 27 points against Romney (57-30), to 40 points over Gingrich (63-23).

Obama’s dominance is despite a majority of New Jersey voters saying the nation is headed the wrong way: Just 37% say the country is going in the “right direction,” while 53% say it’s “on the wrong track.”  The 53% is actually an eight point decline from 61% measured in January, but contrasts sharply to 51% who say the state is headed in the right direction as reported yesterday.

“The story so far in the primary season is that no Republican candidate has been able to take advantage of voters’ dissatisfaction with the direction of the country,” said Woolley. “Instead they have spent much of their time and energy trying to take advantage of each other’s weaknesses.”

A majority of voters (53%) say the long, difficult Republican primary contest will “weaken the Republican candidate who runs against President Obama in November. Just one in four (27%) say the hard fought primary will strengthen the Republican who wins the nomination."

The Fairleigh Dickinson University poll of 800 registered voters statewide was conducted by telephone using both landlines and cell phones from Mar. 5 through Mar. 11, 2012, and has a margin of error of +/-3.5 percentage points.      

Adam March 16, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Did you not watch Bush in his emergency speach to the nation in November, 2008 about the imminent financial collapse and his executive order to pump $850 billion to the banks? Did you not see outright terror in his face and speach (The Republican operative Ed Rollins said the next day that if you saw that speach and did not immediately take every dime out of your bank and hide it under the mattress, you were nuts). Obama was handed a 1 trillion dollar deficit (not $500 billion) the day he took office. He followed a Kensian economic model of pumping $$$ into our economy to stave off collapse. I believe Bush & Obama when they said that without an immediate and continuing cash infusion into the banking and financial system, we would have very likely slipped into a Depression far worse than than 1929. Most economist would agree that, when looking back at the most recent depression in 1929, the knee jerk reaction of the Hoover administration, to cut spending to the bone, turned a very bad recession into a full-blown depression. 3 1/2 years after this near total meltdown, jobs are coming back and are economy is on solid ground and gaining. I have seen reasonable proposals coming from Obama, including multi-trillion dollar spending cuts and revenue enhancers (identical to what Ronald Reagan enacted); other than proposals to gutting social security and medicare I have yet to see any reasonable debt reduction proposals coming from the Republicans. Have you?
Keepin them straight March 16, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Adam you know absolutely nothing about me, and quite frankly if you think I am a republican you are as empty as the arguements you are pressing. 1st of all you are justifying the meltdown by capitalizing banks and creating too big too fail...keep drinking the kool aid my boy, secondly Bush according to your left hanging rag the Huffington Post handed Obama a 458 billion dollar defict in 2008, for the last 1000 days count em, you can count cant you? the senate control by your democratic warlords havent past a budget, a budget, can you imagine the largest economy in the world and the pied piper of Colorado cant even pass a budget and lets just say for arguement sake we assume your re right and the deficit was a trillion when Bush left office, didnt your guy promise he would cut it in half by the end of his 1st term? in half or did he mean I'll increase it by 16? no Adam you keep repeating the nonsense your hearing on msnbc and keep getting that chill up your leg, you obviusly are as financially assute as your memory serves you, look kid we are 16 trillion in the hole and the guy at the top gotta go, and if he doesnt guess what in 4 years you will be throwing stones and bottles at the cops the exact same way its being done in Greece. but you can stop arguing with yourself, because it doesnt matter what you say, I'll just point to teh sign behind me>>> $16,000,000,000,00, btw did you know the interest on taht number is more a minute than you make a year? LMAO
Adam March 16, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Actually you seem like a pretty angry gentleman, although i guess you (and all of us) have a right to be, although I would hold back on the sarcasism and scorn a bit. Do you honestly believe that if Obama did not immediately follow the Bush lead and pump as much money into our financial system and economy, that we would be in a better place than we are now? $16 trillion is a scary number and must be adressed, and i despise the banks and other players that put us in this situation (including criminal charges and claw back of the $$ that they made; that genious O'Neill, who ran Merrill Lynch into the gutter, resigned with a $180 million severance). By your responses, sounds like you would have let the big banks, the auto industry, etc. take the hit and collapse. Can you possibly imagine what our counrty would be like now if we did that? How many tens of millions of middle class and blue collar workers would have lost their jobs? Sorry bud, but i will take a $16 trillion dollar deficit now, with an increasingly healthy economy and hopefully the politicaly will to do something about it, than the alternative, $10.5 trillion dollar debt, tens of millions out of work and an economic depression far worse than 1929.
MARIO SICARI March 16, 2012 at 08:08 PM
@ Keepin...although your points of the deficit are well taken...you need to understand this administration has had a Keynesian style fiscal policy. They believe that government stimulus will add to the neccessary spark needed to ignite GDP growth...with that said, many believe without government intervention the system would have collasped causing systemic risk throughout the entire world...it was neccessry to save teh financial institutions, a run on thebanks would have brough the system crashing...I do believe eventually the FED will begin raising interest rates and you will see the dollar index rise causing commodity prices to stabalize.
Chris Hansen April 18, 2012 at 09:10 PM
OK folks, line up on the pro side or the con side. There may be an interesting story here. If only we could have a few people who demonstrate a tiny bit of intelligence.


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