Five Roads Projects Wrapping in Mahwah

Macarthur Boulevard overpass, West Airmount drainage pipe, and $1.6 million repaving plan are among the infrastructure projects nearing completion in Mahwah, officials say.

Five road and infrastructure projects, including an overhaul of the Macarthur Boulevard overpass in Mahwah, are nearing completion, Mayor Bill Laforet announced in a release last week.

According to Laforet, the bridge project, which is being carried out by the NJ Department of Transportation, is almost done. Additional work that will be carried out on the underside of the bridge should not impact traffic over the bridge, he said.

A longtime township project, replacing a drainage pipe under West Airmont Road and installing storm drains on the east-west connector roadway, is also almost complete, Laforet said. The $770,000 project should help alleviate flooding in the area, he said.

The township also took on a water main project in Fardale that officials say is almost done.

“Until today, Fardale was supplied by only one water main,” Laforet said.

“In the event of a failure to this supply line, Fardale would have had no water feed. This project will provide a second critical supply of drinking water to this community.” The $730,000 project will finish ahead of schedule, he said. The township also replaced a water main near East Crescent Road.

NJ Transit work on a train trestle in the center of the township is done, as well, Laforet said. The work replaced central I-beams and repaired lighting. The “significant” project did not delay train traffic through the township, Laforet said.

And, in conjunction with the other infrastructure projects happening around Mahwah, the township will conduct $1.6 million worth or road repairs and repaving. Combined with county paving projects, the roads program should see several heavily trafficked roads, like Island Road, East Crescent Avenue, East Ramapo Avenue, and West Ramapo Avenue paved, among others. 

The township has also implemented infrared pothole repair technology that Laforet said will repair potholes on a more permanent, longer-lasting basis.

Laforet praised the township, county, and state for working on all of the projects.

“These projects are your taxpayer dollars at work,” he said.

“We continue our commitment to improve critical infrastructure in the Township. These significant projects all add to our vibrant community.”

Leaking Ink May 14, 2014 at 09:00 AM
Thank you! West Airmount Avenue is so nice to drive down now that it is repaved.
Bill Goffredo May 14, 2014 at 06:22 PM
Wonderful, now can they seriously look into paving Storms Drive. The roadway has been deteriorating for years. Every year they fill the potholes and a few months later they are potholes again. Most of the potholes they filled in February have already failed and it is an obstacle course to drive down the road again...argh!
Ira May 14, 2014 at 08:29 PM
Much needed and welcome improvements. A lot more needs to be done not only in town or county but state and nation.


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