Mahwah Business Owner Announces Candidacy For Mayor

Sunoco owner Bill Laforet will run in November

Bill Laforet, a self-described “lifelong Mahwah resident” publicly announced his candidacy for Mayor of Mahwah at a campaign kickoff event Monday night.

“I love the town, I just think we need a new approach when it comes to our leadership,” said Laforet, who has owned the gas station on the corner of Franklin Turnpike and Miller Road for over 30 years.

Laforet, who has been a member of the township’s Board of Adjustment for the past year and a half and the since its inception, says there are three major issues that prompted him to run for the position this November.

“There is no doubt that will be a central issue to this election, but I also feel that the fiscal leadership of the township and the leaders of the town reaching out to, embracing and addressing the needs of the residents are important issues as well,” he said.

Laforet feels that his history in the town – both he and his wife, and all of their children, graduated from Mahwah schools – and his experiences in business, will allow him to be a “pro-active” mayor if elected.

“I think Mahwah needs to start thinking about long-term solutions and implications of decisions, instead of being reactive,” he said.

At the kickoff event, Laforet explained how he will use integrated social media outlets to spread his campaign slogans – “Join Team Laforet” and “Mahwah First.”

Last week, current Councilwoman Lisa DiGiulio to run for Mayor this November. The candidates will run for a one-year term that will finish out the term originally filled by the late Mayor Richard Martel who . Another election will be held in November 2012.

Andy Schmidt August 27, 2011 at 07:44 AM
I find it fascinating that in 2+ months the township "odd couple" has been trying to stir up a discussion about a non-issue - but couldn't present anything of substance that really speaks to the qualification of the mayoral candidates, their involvement with the town, their dedication, etc. One life lesson I learned is - side with the target of hooligans, because by definition, he's on the good side of things. After having undergone the scrutiny of people who have a personal vendetta against him - and not one relevant thing comes up - what better confirmation that he must be a very righteous person.
Andy Schmidt August 28, 2011 at 05:47 AM
James, and a UFO landed in Roswell. The Patch staff already responded to your hallucinations about other members having any ability to delete your messages. There is no point to argue with someone who is unwilling to accept facts - because that's what an argument would be about. So, instead I wish you lots of happiness in your self-made reality.
Kristi Droppers August 29, 2011 at 11:38 PM
So, James, aka Alan Kidd and I must assume LHart aka Mr. Roth -- go play in your own sandbox and be drama queens where someone else can pay attention to you. Really. Stop.
susan brier October 17, 2011 at 05:14 PM
James, I agree with your assessment and can speak from personal experience. I had my car repaired by Bill Laforet and when it still did not work I took it to the dealer who told me that Laforet never replaced the parts, that they still had the original serial numbers!!!!!. I was out at least 500.00 dollars! I never went back. I have since heard other simiar stories. This is not someone we want for Mayor of Mahwah. If he treats his customers this way ...OMG I can only imagine what would happen if he were mayor.
James October 17, 2011 at 05:28 PM
Susan- The Patch will probably delete that comment FAST! As he advertises here, I think he gets some editorial discretion!


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