New Master Plan Suggestions Include Shuttle Service Through Mahwah

Planning Board will re-examine suggestions as working document is only a draft

Mahwah’s Master Plan is getting revamped. Monday night, the township’s planning board got a preview of some of the observations and suggestions Burgis Associates has made thus far when examining the current document, which has not been totally reworked since 1989.

The Master Plan outlines goals and objectives for the future of the township. Some specific areas considered include land use, sustainability, community facilities, utility service areas, and historic preservation areas.

Mayor John DaPuzzo pointed out that the current draft is a working document that will go through several revisions before it is presented to the public. At a previous meeting, the planning board said that once the plan is finalized, it will be available for public viewing, and commentary will be solicited.

“This draft will be fine tuned before we give it to the public. It is not anywhere near done,” DaPuzzo said.

Some of the initial observations and suggestions presented to the board by Burgis Planner Brigitte Bogart include:

  • To continue to concentrate development in the Eastern portion of the township, and preserve the Western portion with open space, etc.
  • The future redevelopment of the (particularly Eastern side) of Route 17 should include more safety and aesthetic considerations. The planner pointed out that the other side of 17, which has been mostly developed with business complexes, more so complies with this goal.
  • Ramapo Valley Road and Island Road were intended to be developed by smaller service and commercial users, however merging lots have caused larger, more “intense” developments in the area. The planner recommended either changing the zoning regulations to reflect this, or look to reinstate the original intent with redevelopment.
  • Enforce the “Number One Goal” of the Environmental Commission, which is to “promote land use policies that would encourage the township to be self-sufficient in terms of water usage.”
  • Create a municipal-wide shuttle system between mass transit drop-off locations and larger/corporate facilities and buildings in Mahwah
  • Create a municipal-wide bike and/or pedestrian trail system along the Ramapo River to connect it to commercial areas on Franklin Turnpike, and encourage residents to use “travel methods other than driving”

The board took copies of the draft home, and will email Bogart their concerns and suggestions. She will compile these, and make another presentation to the board at the September 12 meeting.

Susan Manziano August 10, 2011 at 02:50 PM
I'd like to see the recycling center addressed in some fashion. Currently, it's an unappealing sight, visible from the center of town, very near the lovely park we just invested so much money in
Renate Rena Nuss August 10, 2011 at 06:23 PM
Love the idea of a shuttle system and I am thrilled about a bike/pedestrian trail system! Maybe the kids will get their old bikes out and actually will be able to go to the sport parks by themselves! Maybe this idea is frightening to some, but nothing better to burn calories and energy than biking! More and more people are looking for pedestrian friendly towns, hopefully Mahwah is one of them in the future.
Mike Zdanis August 14, 2011 at 04:22 PM
Yes, a contiguous bike trail is dierly needed in Mahwah, especially Rt 202, campgaw Rd. and ability to get "crosstown by way of the bike. There are too many "dead ends" that prohibit taking a bike to destinations where activities and shops are.
Edward Steiper September 27, 2011 at 10:23 PM
The top of this list should be the flooding issues in Mahwah. With this issue going untouched people will have flooding problems on a bike path going along the River. Then any new development will only make the current situation worse. We already have very serious problem that needs to be addressed. I am still out of my house doo to the August flooding. I can't stress enough how tired of all of this I am.


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