Race For Mayor Will Be Head-To-Head Battle

Mayor Bill Laforet and DPW Superintendent Ed Sinclair will run in November; Former Mayor John DaPuzzo will not

Two men will be vying for the position of mayor in Mahwah this November.

According to Township Clerk Kathy Coletta, two candidates – incumbent mayor Bill Laforet and challenger Ed Sinclair – filed petitions to run.  Both sets of petitions have been “checked and certified,” she said. No other candidates submitted petitions by the Tuesday deadline.

Laforet, who , said he wants to continue projects he began while in office this year. “I decided to run because we have more work to do,” he said. “We engaged the residents of this community and the results will speak for themselves. We as a community have achieved the lowest tax rate increase in 11 years, a 1.75% tax rate increase...We will continue to listen to residents and what matters to them the most, taxes and the quality of life.”

Sinclair, who , said he is looking forward to campaigning for a job that he’s always wanted, “and think I would do a good job at.” The 25-year DPW employee and volunteer township firefighter said his hope is “[not just to be] a mayor for the people, I’d be a mayor with the people. So, if I’m needed to run to drive an ambulance or a fire truck, or answer phones at town hall, or plow snow during a storm, that’s what I’ll do.” Sinclair said he is “excited and really looking forward to the next couple of months."

Previous mayor John DaPuzzo, who was and served as mayor until last November, , but said Wednesday he decided against it.

“Initially, I took out petitions because I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to contest our current mayor,” he said. “Then I found out Ed [Sinclair] would be running, and knowing him [and] what he stands for, I’ll be supporting him.”

Laforet and Sinclair will be vying for a four-year term in office. Each has set up a campaign website – www.teamlaforet.com and www.sinclairformayor.com.

Election Day will be Tuesday, November 6.


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Arthur Lott September 11, 2012 at 01:39 AM
And that means what. exactly? More inuendo and possible slander coming, Ref? Can't put up valid arguments , and can't suport your position with fact, so you follow the lead set by your cohorts who claim to be Republicans but support a candidate that is clearly not, by stooping to dishing the dirt. How about we stop the nonsense and start talking about facts. Remember, no one is immune to those tactics.
lori dorie September 11, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Arthur, Arthur, Arthur, First let me tell you that Ed Sinclair is NOT in the union. If Ed is guilty by association, what about our Mayors very cozy relationship with the largest union in town.
Arthur Lott September 11, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Lori dorie- Did I say he was in the union? I think I said he is supported by the union. Whoever supports the current Mayor is not the point of any of my posts, if you took the time to read them or had any interest in acknowledging the obvious facts before you. WHO IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND ITS RECOGNIZED MEMBERS AND LEADERS SUPPORTING???? Is it a guy who has the backing of the union and actively supports the union's best interests? Seems to me that anyone true to his or her Republican ideals would have no problem recognizing the guy doing things that follow that philosophy, right? Cutting taxes and shrinking the size of government are not, based on actions, not words and supposition, what Mr. Sinclair espouses. Maybe I'm wrong, but not likely from what I can see. Maybe we'll actually know his positon in such matters soon. It is time that the schizophrenic members of the Republican Party stand up for something, not follow like blind sheep behind those with their own political agendas. Actions talk.
Eileen Rite September 18, 2012 at 10:50 PM
Arthur... lori dori is at the very least a DPW employee. lori even knows down to which strips of grass are the town's responsibility and which ones the county is responsible for. He's another Sinclair shill for more government and municipal spending.
Jake Viscone November 06, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Frianne... If all of Mr. Sinclairs supporters spell like you, I'm voting for Laforet.


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