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Ramsey Subaru Lot Gets A Green Light

Pre-owned vehicle lot Oked by Zoning Board of Adjustment Wednesday

The Zoning Board of Adjustment approved the application from Ramsey Subaru to open a wholesale, pre-owned vehicle lot at 113 Moffatt Rd. Wednesday night.

, the board was concerned that the property may have been significantly altered from the last approved plan, going back to 2001. The previous tenants had mad numerous changes without ever getting the proper permits.

James Jaworski was the attorney representing Ramsey Auto Group. He recapped the previous meeting, explaining that the applicant was seeking to make no changes to the building, or the property, and wanted only to use the existing space for a “wholesale” lot. This lot would house used cars, which would be driven on and off site. It would not include delivery trucks or a repair facility. He went on to talk about the property walk-through he went over with Mike Kelly of Boswell Engineering.

Kelly explained his findings, relating to the board the items that had been altered from original approved site plan. These included buffering trees that had been removed, boulders that had been placed on site, various other landscaping issues, and the removal of the trash pad.

Jaworski said that the applicant would be perfectly content to make the changes to return the site to the approved plan. He did, however, mention that the trash pad is unnecessary, as the site will only be staffed by one or two employees at any time. Board Chairman Rabolli said the board would have any objection to that.

The public hearing over, the zoning board went into its work session. The resolution was made to grant the variance request, specifying the return of the issues brought up to the original plan of 2001. Moved by Board Member  Whiteman and seconded by Board Member Savino, the motion was passed unanimously to grant the variance.

The next meeting of the Zoning Board is scheduled for July 20.


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