Tell The Township Which Roads Need To Be Cleaned Up

Mayor-elect adds interactive "Storm Clean-Up" map to campaign website

Residents dealing with side streets that still have debris on them from the have a new way to alert the to their neighborhoods. Bill Laforet has added a section to his campaign website where residents can update the township on which roads need to be cleaned up.

“I think this is something that can help us be more efficient,” Laforet said of the online update center. Residents can visit the site to report the condition of roads near them. Then, locations that still have a lot of debris from the storm built up on them are added to a map that plots roadways the DPW needs to clean up, Laforet said.

Over the weekend, the map grew to over 50 roadways in the township that are still affected. Visitors to the site can also see the comments made by residents in the area. For example, there are “[s]everal large branches on Ackerman Drive, including several [blocking] the Bus Stop on Ackerman and Hopper,” and “Macintosh, Shuart and Doremus [Roads] are very hard to navigate through with the amount of trees that are down plus now the piles of leaves. [It’s] very dangerous at night,” according to the resident comments on the site.

Laforet, who said he is taking a tour of the clean-up starting Monday morning by visiting every DPW crew, said the township will use the map to help pinpoint the areas in town that need the most and soonest attention.

The mayor-elect said he wants to “use technology as a way to attack this problem,” which he views as a “crisis. It is hard work for the DPW crews, so I am hoping this will reenergize and refocus all of their efforts.”

Jonathan N. Marcus November 14, 2011 at 03:41 PM
The debris left by this storm is unprecedented. We all need to have patience as our dedicated DPW crews set out to tackle the problem. With a town as vast as Mahwah is in size (we are physically the largest town in Bergen County) this task is nothing short of monumental. We need to keep in mind that our DPW workforce has been depleted in numbers over the past few years due to budget constraints. We also need to keep in mind that a clean-up of this sort requires specialized equipment (chippers, dump trucks, front end loaders, etc.) that no town can have adequate numbers of to match the volume of debris that this storm left us with. I applaud Mayor-elect Laforet's focus on this issue and I thank each and every one of our wonderful municipal employees who are involved in this town-wide cleanup.
Janna Makaeva November 17, 2011 at 06:52 AM
Stag Hill road, especially going up the hill - lots of branches, some are very large. In order to avoid them one has to swerve way into the other lane.
Peter J. Raia, jr November 29, 2011 at 03:07 PM
Fortunately, the weather has been favorable with temperatures nowhere near the freezing point. But, as we approach December, the possability of snow looms possible, if not probable. If a snow storm were to happen while the branches are still roadside it could cause even bigger problems for the DPW, as well as the Township itself. We are still patiently awaiting DPW on Oweno Road and the nearby streets.


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