Township May Ban Campaign, Garage Sale, Open House And Other Temporary Signs

Council considering law that would get rid of political campaign signs that littered public roadways last election season, but it would also ban garage sale, open house, and charity event signs

In an attempt to avoid political campaign signs lining Mahwah’s busiest streets, like Macarthur Boulevard and Ridge Road, this November, the township council is considering a rewording and enforcement push of its sign ordinance. If it passes the new rules, temporary signs would not be allowed in public right-of-ways.

However, the council debated at its meeting last Thursday whether or not it should disallow these signs, after township attorney Andrew Fede advised the governing body that if it bans one type of temporary sign, it must ban them all. So, campaign signs would not be allowed on the sides of public roads, but neither would real estate open house signs, garage sale signs, or Boy Scout pancake breakfast signs.

The current sign ordinance says that permits must be obtained from the township’s construction official before any signs are put up in Mahwah. However, it lists political signs as “exempt.” The ordinance reads: “Exempt signs…shall be permitted within all zoning districts of the Township of Mahwah.” But, it also says that “signs placed in the public right-of-way or on public property without first obtaining prior approval of the Township Council,” are prohibited.

According to township Business Administrator Brian Campion, the “problem with political signs” in the past “has been an enforcement issue.” He said the council could choose to change the ordinance, issue a policy statement saying all signs in the public right-of-way will be removed, or both.

Under the new policy, signs would still be permitted on private property.

Mayor Bill Laforet brought the matter to the council’s attention last month, . “This is an attempt to clean up Mahwah,” and a response to public complaints about political signs last election season, he said. According to the council, this issue comes up during and after almost every election season.

Councilman John Roth said the town is more concerned this year because “you’ve got everybody running, from school board right up through the President of the United States. Mahwah will be a mess [with signs].” He also said that although local candidates have historically removed signs in a timely fashion after elections, there is no guarantee that regional, state or national candidates will do the same.

Councilwoman Lisa DiGiulio disagreed with the proposed changes to the sign laws because of the impact they would have on other groups in Mahwah. “Why are we punishing everybody else because of political signs?” she said. “We are restricting everything,” she said in reference to an . “It’s like we’re not even a community anymore, I think it’s terrible.” DiGiulio objected most to non-profit groups in the township potentially losing the ability to advertise fundraisers and other events using temporary signs.

Councilman Roy Larson also pointed out that banning campaign signs will not get rid of campaign advertising. “I’d rather see signs in the street than get spam in my email,” he said at the meeting.

The council decided to ask Fede to draft a new version of the ordinance that removed the clause about asking for council permission to put up signs, and include an enforcement policy stating that temporary signs will be removed from public right-of-ways. Though the council said the new law may be introduced at its next meeting, any changes to the ordinance would not be made without a public hearing asking for resident opinions on the new rules.

CaraGia June 18, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Just how petty and silly are we going to continue to get. One sign per area is more than sufficient to get the point across., but charging permit fees for or banning all signs is such a asinine thing to do. Seriously people. cut the taxes and the waste, including the waste of time on small-minded issues of this nature. Between this issue and the personal trainers/boot camps using the parks for fitness groups, things are starting to feel more and more like a whiney, restrictive town than we'll all be comfortable living with in the end. Move on to the real substantive matters - lowering taxes and providing better services without nickel and dining the citizens, please!!
hsr June 18, 2012 at 09:29 PM
I don't get it who is dining the residents? Is everyone invited? Sorry just kidding.
ROSEMARY HANNIGAN June 18, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Andy Schmidt June 18, 2012 at 10:23 PM
I like what Upper Saddle River does - they have the corner of Lake Street and Saddle River Road - where all the civic organizations put up their signs for their events. This way, everyone gets their "free speech" - but it's not littered all over town, and avoid becoming a nuisance when ten or twenty of the same ones get lined up in the same area. Mahwah could designate a few spots along the main thoroughfares (such as near the train/police/fire station on Franklin Turnpike, on McArthur Blvd, on 202 at the school house or maybe the park entrance...), permitting one sign per organization/cause per location. Takes minimal effort to organize, keeps the rest of the town neat... level playing field for everyone.
Hank October 10, 2012 at 07:32 PM
dear red sign candidate you made an ugly mess at mcarthur/darlington. I don't know who you are but will not vote for someone who puts up an obnoxious display.


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