Township To Determine Recycling Department's Future

Changes may be coming to the way recycling gets picked up in Mahwah, and DPW workers are speaking out against the potential change; Find out what happens this week on Patch

This Thursday, the Mahwah Town Council is slated to consider potential changes to the township’s recycling department. Over the past few months, township administration has put out several bids for private recycling companies to pick up Mahwah’s recycling. It is currently picked up by the township’s .

Last week, urging residents to attend Thursday night’s meeting to find out the details of the new plan. According to the flier, some DPW workers may face layoffs if the new plan is passed by the township council.

“No matter how many people would be laid off, it would be too many,” Mahwah resident and DPW spokesperson Marc Bracciodieta said. “The town would be laying off people who grew up in town, who live in town, and who volunteer for the town.”

Of the 25 DPW workers employed by the township, Bracciodieta said seven work in the Recycling Department. However, he said those employees are also utilized in other aspects of DPW work, like snow plowing and leaf collection, when needed.

Mayor Bill Laforet said he will present the plan to the town council Thursday night before commenting on any specific details about it. “That is the normal procedure, we always present to the council first.”

He also said he “absolutely encourages any interested members of the public to attend Thursday night’s meeting,” which starts at 8 p.m. at .

Bracciodieta said he does not know the specifics of the new plan, but “with a decision as big as [the possible] privatization of recycling, we feel the public should know what’s happening.”

Last week, the DPW Union released a flier attacking the potential impacts of Laforet’s plan, and township policies regarding the Mahwah Police Department. “At the time, the entire membership voted for that flier, but in hindsight we realized it wasn’t what we wanted to do,” Bracciodieta said. “We are extremely sorry to any police personnel offended by the original flier.”

The union released a new flier (which is attached to this article as a PDF) Sunday.

DPW workers are planning to address the council about the issue Thursday night, Bracciodieta, who has worked for the department for 5 years, said. “We hope residents come out to find out what the real story is on the future of recycling is.”

Check Patch Friday morning for the results of Thursday night’s Council meeting.


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Mahwah Resident July 15, 2012 at 04:33 AM
This sounds like the whole mall thing all over again. Different situation but handled in the same ugly way. Everything done behind closed doors and then shoving it down our throats. This is terrible.
NDW July 15, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Ronda H hiding under a rock. But her brother Randy H is covering for her. Same bad grammar and spelling and amazingly thoughtless postings. Give it up Dan.
hsr July 23, 2012 at 01:31 PM
JJ lets face it the "Mayor" is playing it cool till after election. Just like he will with the EMS.
Grace July 23, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Have the Counsel or Mayor reached out to meet with the Union members? You would think they would want to get their input before making any decision.
Andy Schmidt July 23, 2012 at 04:55 PM
This actually has been widely reported in the past weeks, e.g.: >> municipal staff, including Township Administrator Brian Campion and Department of Public Works Superintendent Keith Hallisey, began looking at privatizing recycling collection in December. DPW union representatives were brought into the conversation about three months ago << >> Two others were told when they were hired this spring that their jobs could be eliminated because of the township’s interest in outsourcing recycling collection << http://www.northjersey.com/mahwah/Mahwah_council_to_hear_plans_on_outsourcing_recyclables_pickup.html So the union, the employees effected and the DPW supervisor were made aware for quite some time, as was the council. Obvioulsy, other than knowing of the ongoing effort to come up with a proposal, the council can't discuss any proposal until you actually HAVE one (with actual dollar figures). Only THEN can the council can weigh all the pros and cons now and discuss this in earnest.


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