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Mahwah High School Senior Awards presented to students

Principal John P. Pascale welcomed students, family and friends to the Mahwah High School Senior Awards Tuesday night.

“We are here to celebrate members of the senior class who’ve distinguished themselves as leaders, scholars and athletes in the classroom, on the athletic field and in the community of Mahwah. On behalf of the administration and faculty, we’d like to congratulate each of you for the contribution you’ve made to our school. This is an opportunity to recognize your achievements. You certainly represent the best of  Mahwah High School, ” Pascale said.

Members of the senior class were recognized for their outstanding efforts in two parts. The first part of the ceremony, students were presented with Achievement and Academic Awards. During the second part of the ceremony students were awarded scholarships.  

The Principal’s Awards were presented by Principal John Pascale, Mrs. Linda Bohny, and Mrs. Patricia Reinhart. Recipients: Karen Abboud, Michael Corrad,Annalise Daniels, Scott Fishkin, Nicholas Japhet, Tori May, Jack McKenna, Meara  McMurdy, Rohan Menon, Mert Nacir, Jeff Oh, Annika Patel, Janki Patel, Laura Rann, Ronald Saldarini, Mara Senchak, Shaun Viasso, Han Eul Yoo, Karlito Almeda, Michael  Al-Moustafa, Gabriela Beramendi, Stephen Cain, Christine Capozzi, Rebecca Damante, Ashley Frazer, Katie  Heisler, Kevin  Kim, Ashton Kripalani, Shawn Kripalani, Kiana LaForge, Jeryl Lippe,Cristina Macari, Martha  Marquez, Gena Pickett, Taylor Rosenblum, Brandon Schwartz, Jesus Suazo, Daniella Volaric, Mara  ZaliteElizabeth Bengtsson,  Jacqueline Gentile, Kimberley Gillen, Greta Guevara, Payal Hirpara Jordan  Kayal, Sara  Kern, Naomi Meyer, Rebecca Morel, Margaret Murphy, Emily Panelas, Steven Reuther, Nicole Ross, Bailey Shada, Keith Shane, James Ticchio, Stephen  Weber, Brandon  Block, Alexander Ciocci, Christopher  Contey,, Alexandra Davis, Emily Glaner, Mark  Glicini, Eric Howard, Jamie Lichay, Thomas C. Lind, Julia Littlehale, Kellie Madden, Zachary  Matson, Roxanna Menhaji, Stephen  Neer, David Nicholson, Benjamin Sinclair, Alise Strauch, Nicholas  Tashjian, Courtney Toder,, Stephanie  Van Heest, Christina Vita, Han-Wei Wu

The President’s Education Awards presented by Principal John P. Pascale. Recipents: Joseph Ahn, Nicholas Bachmann, Laura Baertschi, James Blake, Brandon Block, Matthew Brauner, Julia Buirkle, Michael Coates, Blake Drehle, Connor Flood, Kathryn Giannella, Mark Glicini, Valerie Gold, Kathryn Grotheer, Emmeline Jia, YooKyung Kim, Kristy Larsen, Walker Larson, David Leong, Shayna Levenson, Jamie Lichay, Julia Littlehale, Diana Malandruccolo, Matthew McCue, Victoria Mold, Sarah Moyer, Ashley Musumeci, David Nicholson, Margaret Ortlieb, Raymond Pesanello, Moiz Rauf, Jyot Sawhney, Ryan Sblendorio, Charles Scully, Vanessa Sirinian, Philip Sokoloff, Justin Song, Graham Starr, Perry Starr, Alise Strauch, Brent Strysko, Nicholas Tashjian, Anka Tezcan, Courtney Toder, Kerem Tokel, Alexandra Truglio, Josephina Volaric, Han-Wei Wu, Ryan Wuesthoff, Yevgeniy Yankovskiy,  Conor Zoch

The Voice of Democracy Award. Presented by Mr. Sam Alderisio. Recipients: Jamie Lichay (2st Place), James Ticchio (2nd Place)

College Board Examination Awards. Presented by Mr. Dominick J. Gliatta. Recipients: Emmeline Jia, Moiz Rauf, Graham Starr, Julia Buirkle, Kristy Larsen, Walker Larson, Julia Littlehale, Matthew McCue, Kelsey Leiter, Graham Starr

National Merit Recognition Awards. Presented by Dominick J. Gliatta. Recipients: Emmeline Jia, Walker Larson, Matthew McCue, Moiz Rauf, Justin Song, Graham Starr, Anka Tezcan,            Alexandra Truglio, Ryan Wuesthoff, Anka Tezcan

Guidance Awards. Presented by Mr. Dominick J. Gliatta. Recipients: Karen Aguirre, Alyssa Angelo, Nicholas Bachmann, Ashley Berger, Kerri Brown, Julia Buirkle, Michael Coates, Linda Cucinello, Alexa Freguletti, Emmeline Jia, Brett Krajewski, Kristy Larsen, Walker Larson, Kelsey Leiter, Julia Littlehale, Matthew McCue, Harrison McIntire, Stephen Neer, David Nicholson, Moiz Rauf, Vanessa Sirinian, Cole Sodaro, Justin Song, Graham Starr, Anka Tezcan, Alexandra Truglio, Caroline Vogt, Ryan Wuesthoff

Gifted and Talented Awards. Presented by Joan Garris. Recipients: Nicholas Bachmann, Brandon Block, Alexander Haas, Walker Larson, Jamie Lichay, Kelly Loveman, Nicholas Shewprasad, Han Wei Wu

Business Education Awards. Presented by Dr. Daniel R. Ilaria. Recipients: Matthew Brauner, Kimberly Martinelli

Mathematics Awards. Presented by Dr. Daniel R. Ilaria. Recipients: Kevin KimPeter, Xiong, Moiz Rauf, Julia Buirkle, Julia Littlehale, Julia Littlehale

Math League Awards. Presented Mrs. Sharon Friess. Recipients: Brent Strysko, Peter Xiong, Moiz Rauf, Graham Starr, David Leong, Han-Wei Wu, Dong Hyun Kim

English Language Arts Awards. Presented by Mrs. Kate Kezmarsky. Recipients: Kristen Zuleg, Han Wei Wu, Julia Littlehale, Thomas C. Lind, Zachary Benevento, Matthew Brauner, Shiva Darian Kelsey Leiter, Jamie Lichay, Matthew McCue, Victoria Mold, Sarah Moyer, David Nicholson, Amber Ramundo, Brian Roth, Ryan Sblendorio, Graham Starr, Alise Strauch, Alexandra Truglio, Ryan Visanka-Hartwick, Christina Vita

Performing Arts Awards. Presented by Mrs. Kate Kezmarsky. Recipients: Nicholas Bachmann, Matthew Brauner, Shiva Darian, Catherine Horvath, Eric Howard, Thomas C. Lind, Rachael Mulligan, Charles Scully, Philip Sokoloff

Visual Arts Awards. Presented by Mrs. Linda A. Bohny. Recipients: Alexandra Davis, Christopher Contey, Mara Zalite, Amanda Spera, Jacob Van Heemst, Shannon Zembriski, Nicholas Tashjian

Practical Arts Awards. Presented by Mrs. Kristen Trabona. Recipients: Casey Hollm, Tyler Poland, Zachary Matson, Michael Agnello, Daniel Fischer

Science Awards. Presented by Mrs. Kristen Trabona. Recipients: Payal Hirpara, Keith Shane, Adityabikram Singh, Han Wei Wu, Kevin Kim, David Nicholson, Nicholas Tashjian, Julia Littlehale, Han Wei Wu, Madhurima Gundlapally, Kevin Kim

Social Studies Awards. Presented by Mrs. Miriam Lezanski. Recipients: Christopher Contey, Christopher Baldi, Sam Waxenbaum, Ronald Saldarini, James Ticchio

World Language Awards. Presented by Mrs. Miriam Lezanski. Recipients: Alyssa Fleisher, Ryan Lasker, Mara Zalite, Elaina Brillantes, Daniel  Galow, Shawn Kripalani, Keith Shane, Alise Strauch

Physical Education Awards. Presented by Mr. Roger Pelletier. Recipients: Jessica Castrignano, David Vaughan III, Andrew Coley, Nicole Ross, Mark Glicini, Amy Mordaga, Allison Homler, James Kayal

Athletic Awards. Presented by Mr. Roger Pelletier. Recipients: Christopher Baldi, Kiersten Spencer, Margaret Murphy, Keith Shane, Alise Strauch, Han-Wei Wu, Brian Pushie, Alissa Puzo, Mark Glicini, Melinda Rothman

Special Recognition Awards. Presented by Principal John P. Pascale. Recipients: Han Wei Wu, Charles Scully


2011 Senior Scholarship Awards:

Art Scholarship: Hopes & Dreams Foundation – Haas Scholarship for Excellence in Visual Arts.  This scholarship is made possible through a generous donation from the Haas family, in conjunction with The Hopes and Dreams Foundation. This scholarship is awarded to a Mahwah High School senior who will major in art at a college or university. Recipient: Alexandra Davis.

Bergen County Directors of Guidance Scholarship. This award is presented to a senior student who has demonstrated outstanding character and is continuing onto higher education. Recipient: Caroline Vogt

Bergen County Coaches Association, Lou Lanzalotto Scholarship. This award is presented to one male student from each school who displays sportsmanship, leadership, and participated in ten or more sports seasons during his athletic career. Recipient: Brandon Block.

Bergen County Women’s Coaches Association.  The BCWCA awards one scholarship each year to a female student-athlete from each high school in Bergen County. This award is based on scholastic performance, leadership, athletic performance and multi-sport participation. Recipient: Alexa Freguletti.

Bergen County Men’s Coaches Association Multi Sport Award.  Recipient: Ryan Magner.

College Club. College Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1913. Through it’s fundraising efforts, it is able to award monetary grants to young women attending a four-year college.  Recipient: Margaret Ortlieb.

Dick Meighan Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is in memory of Dick Meighan. The graduating senior must attend an accredited two or four -year college. The scholarship is awarded to students in good academic standing who have made a difference in their community and gone the “extra mile” helping others. Recipient: Kristen Kosch

Donald Shine Memorial Scholarship. This award is given to a student who is going on to further education in a program that will not culminate in a bachelor’s degree. Recipient: Karen Aguirre

The Don and Meg Minassian Mahwah Ice Hockey Award. The Mahwah Ice Hockey Association Senior Award has been renamed the Don and Meg Minassian Senior Award. They have promoted and fostered the love of ice hockey to the younger players of Mahwah and have given back to the Mahwah Ice Hockey Association through volunteerism. The award is based on what the students have done outside of their team responsibilities as a player, Captain or Assistant Captain. Recipient: Brandon Block and Cole Sodaro.

Frank J. Russo/JoAnne A. Fox Memorial Scholarship. This is presented by the Mahwah Drama Boosters Club in memory of JoAnne A. Fox and Frank J. Russo. It’s awarded to students who participated in the drama club. Recipients: Alexandra Davis and Thomas Lind.

Future Problem Solvers Adam Hirschfield Scholarship. This scholarship is given by the Future Problem Solving Program, in honor of a young man whose many contributions to our society were both admired and respected by all who knew him. He was a volunteer rescue squad member, a member of the Gifted/Talented Leadership and Creativity classes and he later became the Future Problem Solving Evaluation Director. Recipient: Han Wei Wu.

John F. Carty Memorial Scholarship. The Mahwah High School Gymnasium Dedication Committee has set up a memorial scholarship in the name of John F. Carty. This scholarship is awarded to a student who participated in one varsity sport and maintained a B average. Recipients: Kristin Kosch, Walker Larson, Victoria Mold, and Stephen Neer.

John Royle Rotary Scholarship. This award is named for Mr. Royle’s father who was a Rotarian for over 35 years. The scholarship is based on ability and contributions to the school and community. Recipients: Stephanie VanHeest, Han Wei Wu, Diana Malandruccolo, and Emily Glaner.

Kinchley’s Involved in Sports and Scholastic Scholarship. This is awarded to one female and one male student with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, strong community service and has earned at least two varsity letters. Recipients: Charles Scully and Kristin Kosch.

Learning Through Law Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the area of academics, leadership, school and community involvement, and have expressed an interest in law through their course work and their active participation in Mock Trial. Recipients: Kristy Larsen and Connor Flood.

Mahwah Elks “Most Valuable Student”. The Mahwah Elks awards two scholarships based on scholarship, leadership, and community service. This year one scholarship is awarded to a Mahwah High School Senior. Recipient: Stephanie VanHeest.

Mahwah Fire Department Company #2 Scholarship in Memory of Fire Lieutenant Patrick Roe. (Class of 1998) Patrick was a dedicated member of Fire Company #2 who was lost in a tragic accident. The scholarship is given to the student who typifies the qualities of Patrick, including family values, integrity, and community service. Recipients: Benjamin Sinclair and Harrison McIntire.

Mahwah Music Boosters Scholarship. This is awarded to a senior involved in a music program. To be eligible, the student must have taken a music course or be part of a school sanctioned musical group such as the orchestra, chorus, marching band, or another college approved music-related activity. Recipients: Nickolas Bachmann, Matthew Brauner, Catherine Horvath, Eric Howard and Charles Scully.

Mahwah Policemen’s Benevolent Association #143.  This scholarship has been established in memory of deceased police officers who have served the Township of Mahwah. This is awarded to a student who intends to follow a program in Criminal Justice, Law or one of the Social Sciences at an accredited two or four year college. Recipients: Kelly Loveman, Kristin Kosch, Benjamin Sinclair.

Mahwah Retired Education Association Scholarship. This is given to honor the memory of Mr. Joseph Levine, a former Special Education teacher at Mahwah High School. It is awarded to a senior who is served by the Mahwah High School Child Study Team and who has shown spirit through volunteerism and community service. Recipient: Linda Cucinello.

Mahwah Schools Foundation Scholarship. This is awarded to a well-rounded student with outstanding character, good academic performance who is ambitious and is planning to pursue a college education. Recipients: Brent Strysko and Julia Buirkle.

Mahwah Schools Staff Scholarship. The Mahwah Scholarship and Assistance Organization exists to aid the community. It is funded by staff members of the Mahwah schools who contribute monthly. The MASO scholarships were created to honor the students who, in achieving their personal goals, reflect the benefits of participation in programs of the Mahwah schools. Recipient: Han Wei Wu

Margo LaVigna Scholarship. This is awarded in memory of Margo LaVigna to a senior girl who intends to further her education. She must display spirit, participation in extracurricular activities and leadership. Recipient: Kelly Loveman.

Michael S. Lippe Annual Arts Achievement Award. This is awarded in memory of Michael Lippe who strongly supported arts in every form. This is given to one deserving graduating student excelling in Drama, Fine Art, Music or Photography. Recipient: Christina Vita.

MSG Varsity Scholarship. The scholarship is sponsored by Cablevision and MSG Varsity. These two scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in a journalism course, have achieved a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have expressed enthusiasm and interest in producing videos of Mahwah activities and news for the greater community. Recipients: Zach Benevento and Ashley Berger.

Student Council Spirit Scholarship. The Student Council awards two scholarships to seniors on the basis of service to the school and school spirit. The scholarship is not based on grades, but on his/her school spirit and service to his/her class or to Mahwah High School as a whole. The applicants are chosen by the Executive Student Council officers in a blind screening. Recipients: Leland Newman, Harangad Chadha, Esther Kim and Graham Starr.


Certificates and Plaques were presented by U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Michael Weigand to the following students:

U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award. This award is in recognition for academic achievement and leadership as a high school scholar. Recipient: Kristin Kosch.

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award. This award is presented to a high school senior who participated in a school sponsored sport and exhibits courage, poise, self-confidence and leadership. Recipient: Erik Moutenot.

U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Music Excellence. This is in recognition of a high school senior who holds a first chair position and capable of performing as a soloist with the band and exhibits dedication and diligence towards is/her musical talents. Recipient: Eric Howard.


U.S Army Reserve Award was presented to students by Staff Sergeant Barcas for the following award.

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award. This award recognizes high school students throughout the nation who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in both academics and athletics. Since the program began in 1981, the National Scholar/Athlete Award has been presented to more than 235,000 well-deserving students nationwide. Recipients: Mark Glicini and Melinda Rothman.


Thunderbird Scholarships:

The Thunderbird Scholarships are privately funded by gifts and contributions, independent of the Mahwah Board of Education. Students shall either be in the Senior Class or a graduate of Mahwah High School, actively pursuing a full program in an accredited school above the secondary level and is not accepting a scholarship or grant package exceeding two-thirds of the student’s annual tuition. The following are the scholarships presented for 2011.

Jacqueline Sancetta Newhouse Memorial Scholarship. Jackie (Class of 1986) was known for her enthusiasm and energetic smile as a Mahwah High School cheerleader and a source of great strength to her family and friends. Recipient: Kelly Loveman.

Martin Wortley Memorial Scholarship. Martin was a Mahwah High School graduate in 1990 who was a victim of September 11th World Trade Center attack. Recipient: Han Wei Wu.

Saddle River Valley Lions Charities Scholarship. Since 2001 the Saddle River Valley Lions Charities have generously contributed to the Thunderbird Scholarship Fund for two students who have demonstrated community spirit. Recipients: Kerri Brown and David Nicholson.

Craig Suhadole Memorial Scholarship. Craig was a Mahwah high school student from the class of 1987 who was tragically killed in a skiing accident during his senior year. Craig will always be remembered for his Mahwah High School pride and spirit. Recipient: Laura Baertschi.

Howard Shaeffer Avery Memorial Scholarship. Mr. Avery was a Mahwah resident and a former member of the Mahwah Board of Education, whose words of encouragement helped many students achieve their goals. To honor the memory of their father, the Avery family continues to award an annual scholarship to a student who will be majoring in science. Recipient: Roxanna Menahji.

The Frederick and Margaret Wehran Achievement Award Thunderbird Scholarship. This award is in recognition of Mr. and Mrs. Wehran’s efforts towards founding the Thunderbird Fund in 1959, and their promotion of higher education in the world of business among our young men and women. Recipient: Charles Scully.

The John F. Carty Memorial Scholarship. John was a remarkable educator and coach and admired by all for his dedication to the youth of Mahwah. Recipient: Walker Larson.

Top Students Award. The Thunderbird Scholarship Board of Governors is awarding five Top Student scholarships to the highest achieving students at Mahwah High School. It commends the effort they have put forth during their four years at Mahwah. Recipients: Han Wei Wu, Alexandra Truglio, Julia Littlehale, David Nicholson, Julia Buirkle.

Mahwah High School Sports Booster Club Scholarships. Six scholarships are awarded annually to Mahwah High School senior athletes who have demonstrated growth through sports. Recipients: Alexa Freguletti, Victoria Mold, Alexandra Truglio, Brandon Block, Stephen Neer and Walker Larson.

Eugene Regent Memorial Scholarship. Eugene was an outstanding scholar/athlete who excelled in basketball as well as academic studies. He distinguished himself as an educator, first as a teacher and then as an administrator, during a career spanning 48 years working with children. This scholarship is awarded in recognition of his 37 years of dedicated service to the school children of Mahwah. Recipient: Victoria Mold.


The Mahwah Home School Organizations of Betsy Ross, Lenape Meadows, George Washington, and Joyce Kilmer schools award two annual alumni scholarships.

Besty Ross Home School Organization Scholarship. Recipients: Daniel Fischer and Ryan Virgens.

Lenape Meadows Home School Organization Scholarship. Recipients: Harrison McIntire and Esther Kim.

George Washington Home School Organization Scholarship. Recipients: Alyssa Angelo and Alexander Ciocci.

Joyce Kilmer Home School Organization Scholarship. Recipients: Connor Flood and Amanda Moraz.

Ramapo Ridge Home School Organization Scholarship in Memory of John F. Carty. The Home School Organization of Ramapo Ridge provides two awards in memory of former teacher and Mahwah High School basketball coach, John F. Carty to Mahwah High School graduates who attended Ramapo Ridge. Recipients: Melinda Rothman and Ryan Virgens.

The Maxwell Riggsbee, Sr. Thunderbird Scholarship. In recognition of former Mahwah High School Guidance Director, Mr. Maxwell Riggsbee, Sr., a man of outstanding character, the Thunderbird Scholarship Board of Directors awards a Thunderbird Scholarship to a student who demonstrates outstanding character and moral fiber in his/her pursuit of an education. Recipients: Margaret Ortlieb, Charles Scully. Han Wei Wu, Valerie Gold, Julia Littlehale, Victoria Mold, Julia Buirkle, Matthew McCue, Alexandra Truglio, Esther Kim and Kelly Loveman.




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