High School Students Help Support Mahwah Family in Need

The MHS Student Council started a fundraiser within the school to help a family the whole community is coming together to support

Dear Mahwah Patch,

As you know, Mr. Roger Mann and his family suffered from a tragic fire a couple weeks ago, and was then robbed of what little they had left.

Now they are [trying] to recover.

As members of the student council, we refused to just sit idly by and let our neighbors in Mahwah suffer alone, so we took action. Over the past month, the Mahwah High School Student Council worked diligently to raise money, asking each representative to bring in money from their families and the families of their classmates.

Through constant fundraising, we were able to donate $400 to Mr. Mann and his family, who said that this money would go directly towards his new house.


Barbara Fernicola, Student Council Advisor

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