Mahwah Fifth Graders Perform Anti-Teasing Play

Students put on 'The Pied Piper's Wild West Show' after the school hosted 'Theaterweek.'

The following was submitted to Patch by Joyce Kilmer parents.

Mahwah students are coming off of "Theaterweek" at Joyce Kilmer School. The 5th grade students at Joyce Kilmer put on their annual 5th grade play last Friday in Mahwah High School's auditorium. 

The play, The Pied Piper's Wild West Show, taught the moral that teasing and ridiculing is extremely cruel and honesty is always the best policy! 

The students, led by Michael Taubenslag of Taubenslag Productions, worked hard to make this show come to life. 

Congrats to the performers!
Michael DeTuro June 20, 2014 at 05:09 AM
The show was a great success! Thank you to the HSO for putting it together and funding such an amazing experience for the students at JK. I was so proud of all of the actors for the courage they possessed in getting up on stage and performing in front of the audience. It is my hope this is something the students will never forget. Great Job!
st June 20, 2014 at 09:11 AM
This was such a fun family night for us. Our grand daughter was so proud of herself when this was over. Great experience for all.


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