Schools Closed Monday, Township Warns of 'Delays' During Morning Commute

Three to five inches are expected Monday.

Mahwah Schools are closed Monday, according to a post on the district website.

The closure comes after forecasters are predicting three to five inches to fall in the area by Monday afternoon. The township sent out a Nixle alert warning residents of dangerous travel conditions:

A Winter Weather Warning is in place for the Mahwah area for Monday. Rain/Snow is expected to start sometime after midnight before changing over to all snow. Accumulations of 3"-5" inches are expected and snow will continue until Monday afternoon. Forecasters expect a heavy and wet snow. Expect delays during both the morning and evening commute. Use caution when driving. 
Hank February 03, 2014 at 05:58 PM
driving was brutal on the side roads today. Not just Mahwah either.
Andy Schmidt February 04, 2014 at 07:12 AM
Fine - but what's the point of the delayed openings - like today? Snow had stopped by the time they called, streets were clear, and they still had the night to catch up with areas. How will the extra HOUR make any difference other than ruining another school day!? When there's a big storm arriving (like Sunday night) they wait until the last minute to cancel school) - but when there's nothing on the horizon - they decide the night before that they can't open the schools on time? The weather decisions this year can only be called erratic...
Thunderbird Pride February 04, 2014 at 10:29 AM
Having had to drive across town this morning I can see why there was a delayed opening. Many roads were still covered in ice and snow as the salt had not had a chance to work its magic. It was really bad over in Fardale as I headed through toward Allendale. I know that I would have had concerns with buses rolling out on certain roads at 8am today. I just came back across town and I can tell you that the roads are in much better shape than they were a couple hours ago. Some side roads are still sloppy but the main roads all seem to be safe for buses and cars.


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