Cats! Cats! Cats!

Everything you wanted to know about cats

*People who love cats are called ailurophiles

*People who dislike cats are called ailurophobes

*Aspirin, Tylenol and chocolate are poisonous to cats

*most adult cats are lactose intolerant

*a group of kittens is a kindle

*a group of cats is a clowder

*a male cat is a "tom", a "gib" if neutered, and a "sire" if a father

*a female cat is a "queen",a "molly" or a "dam" if a mother

*a cat can get tapeworms from mice

*a Ragdoll cat weighs between 12-20 pounds

*a female cat can have 3-7 kittens every 4 months

*Napolean was a ailurophobe

*Cats can be right pawed or left pawed

*cats drink liquid from under their tongue, not the top

*A cat's hairball is called a bezoar

*10% of a cat's bones are in the tail

*cats can sprint 31mph

*female cats are "superfecund" each kitten in a litter can have a different father

*1/3 of cat owners thinks their cat can read their minds

*a cat has 2 vocal chords

* cats use their biological clock,the angle of the sun and the earth's magnetic field to get back home

*cats have no collar bone, if their head fits, most likely the rest of them will too

*cat allergies are caused by proteins in the saliva,urine and dander

****please study these facts*****

****you never know when there will be a quiz****


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