The Mic is in Your Hands

One minute in front of the world. What would you say?

Hello, excuse me, is this thing on?

I was told that I have only one minute to talk and I have a few things to say. My name is Vincent and I’m just your normal 21 year-old kid from New Jersey. I sit back, live life and try to learn new things along the way. I stay out of trouble and always keep family and others above everything else. I’m here because I was promised by the President of the United States that I have one minute to say whatever is on my mind. This is my first time in front of a camera, let alone being on television, so just bare with me, I might come off as a little nervous.

Well let me begin, my first issue is war, why are we still in it and why are our troops overseas? I thought that we have achieved our mission. I know, many agree and many disagree with me, but I’m just looking at it from my point of view. We promised to send troops home, but many are still out on duty. No one should be out in different countries, they need to be home in the United States. If we are out overseas to look for oil then we don’t need soldiers to do so. Nothing good ever comes out of war, send home all of our troops.

Next, television and music. I am tired and fed up of what music is played on the radio and what is shown all over the world. It is just ridiculous and inappropriate that we are spreading these kind of messages to our younger generations. Many are wondering why, why are we in debt, why are their no jobs and why is the economy is down? I think the messages through music and television are part of the reason why.

Kids turn on the radio or turn on the television and reenact what they see. Girls think that it is okay to be sluts and boys think that it is okay to be pimps. Then we sit back and wonder why there are so many teenagers who are pregnant. Instead of going out and trying to pursue an education or better the world, many kids are sitting home sleeping through life, hoping that the world is handed to them.

It is not entirely their fault, some of the blame falls on the media and you Mr. President.  It is the media that wants to make money. They know what sells and that is why they put this sexual, degrading products on the radio and on television. For some reason or another, people love to watch and listen to it and the media knows that. They know that views equals money. Do they care about the message that they are sending out? No. They are self-centered people who only care about themselves.

I’m sorry, but  Mr. President, you sit up in your office behind your millions of dollars as the world turns and things get worse. The poor keep getting poorer and the rich keep getting richer. Yet, behind it all you promise change, you promise a different life and a different future for the children of tomorrow. I was naive to realize it, but what you said was mostly a lie. I’m not singling you out Mr. President, I’m talking about you as well as the presidents before you and presidents who are next to follow. All of whom promise the world, but never deliver.

I think that I have surpassed my one minute limit. I am sorry if I have offended any one with this speech, but I’m just speaking from the heart. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, I too have a dream. I dream that the world can one day wake up and realize some of its flaws instead of glorifying itself. I dream for a bright future and a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you all for your time.

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