Mari Meli
I've been living in Mahwah (and LOVING IT) since December of 1992.  I have 3 children, ages 15, 12, and 9, all in different schools most years (Currently the High School, The Ridge, and JK).  I've been married to Ken since 1991.  I have been an at-home Mom all this time, and volunteer at the various HSO's and extracurriculars they all have participated in.  I currently am a substitute aide for the Mahwah Schools, and have the pleasure of working in all except the HS (the hours don't work for getting the younger 2 out the door!)  I have always worked closely with the schools on my kids behalf, especially since 1 is classified and one has a 504.  They are a wonderful group of people (mostly) and it is my pleasure to call many of them friends.
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